About Us

Climate AID World Forum 2021-2030 is an independent, impartial, international non-profit organization, funded by members and governed by The Perfect World Foundation.

 The Forum is action oriented with the aim to support the 1.5-degree Paris Agreement climate target, with a holistic view on sustainability and circularity in mind. The Forum has set a 2030 deadline for its activities to self-impose accountability to help influence global change.

 The Forum is a platform for multiple stakeholders including business, government, academia, and civil society to enable communication, networking, educating, knowledge sharing and innovation.

 Members and partners pledge climate sustainability actions and make use of the Forum for support in achieving and reporting on them.

 The Forum believes that championing innovation activity on its platform will be essential to achieve the climate target. The Forum holds one yearly main event in Gothenburg, Sweden, and a series of linked global events in other locations.