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Chalmers University Master’s student project concludes with successful development of StemCART matrix

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As previously communicated at the start of the project in February 2021, Cline Scientific AB (“Cline” or “The Company”) has been conducting a project into the development of a matrix that will form a component of the StemCART product which will house and support the cells. Last week, the project was completed as per the planned timeline of Q2 2021.

The project involved two students from Chalmers Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering collaborating alongside Cline during the Spring. Together the team conducted different experiments to test various material compositions, cell integration techniques, and surface alterations that could be used to support Cline’s iPSC-derived chondrocytes in a cartilage implant. 

The Chalmers students have now concluded their report and presented their work and findings. They developed two different cell carrier materials and cell integration methods.  Such a matrix is an essential component and will be used in Cline’s StemCART product. 

The resulting matrices will be used in the next stage of the product development to further refine StemCART’s composition and preparation method, vital steps before the upcoming ex-vivo pilot study on human cartilage. 

The StemCART matrix project over the last five months has been a very insightful and fruitful collaboration. A unique StemCART matrix will offer essential functionality to the final therapy with the aim to cure those suffering from Osteoarthritis. The students did a fantastic job, and we extend immense thanks and praise to our master thesis students as well Chalmers University of Technology.Says PhD. Hanne Evenbratt, Head of Product Development.

For more information, please contact:
Hanne Evenbratt, Director of Product Development 
Email: hanne.evenbratt@clinescientific.com
Phone: +46 704 88 79 23


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