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Cline’s recent results validating precision of gradient technology are now published

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A new paper titled “ToF-SIMS imaging of dual biomolecular monolayer gradients” has been published in the journal Biointerphases in a special topic issue “Biomimetics of Biointerfaces”. The research was carried out as a collaboration between Cline Scientific and researchers at the Chalmers University of Technology. This news following Clines previous press release in September 14th announced the results and its subsequent submission.

The research teams showed how the advanced imaging method ToF-SIMS can be used to validate surface composition as well as determine and visualize the molecular distribution of protein monolayers. Other advanced analysis technologies did not have the precision to achieve these results on glass substrates or identify a gradient pattern.

These important results add to the growing wealth of evidence for Cline’s gradient surface technology and methods. Using ToF-SIMS enables the precision of surface analysis that is needed when interpreting the results from cell-based experiments and as a tool for quality control for future surface production for clinical trials. 

The full publication can be found at the following link.


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