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Cline Scientific Files New Patent Application for CellRACE Cancer Diagnostic Product

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Cline Scientific AB (“Cline” or “The Company”) has submitted a new patent application that covers the device and method associated with Cline’s cancer diagnostic product, CellRACE. The method is based on Cline’s patented nanogradient surfaces and the development carried out by Cline-acquired company Liv Diagnostics.

This patent application is the first submitted as part of the CellRACE patent protection strategy and, when granted, will provide Cline strong protection for the product. The device and method developed by Cline enable CellRACE to revolutionize cancer diagnosis and treatment planning by determining the migration of tumor cells and the risk of metastasis for patients.

This filing follows the submission of the initial patent application for StemCART cartilage therapy product in 2020 and subsequent associated PCT filing in February 2021. 

“This filing is an exciting step and a strong milestone for the development journey of CellRACE. This ground-breaking technology covered in the application enables Cline to analyze cancer tumours in a novel way to better understand tumor cells and select the best treatment for patients. The patent, if granted, will provide 20 years of protection for CellRACE and will be an important asset to the project. We look forward to further developments in the project and starting clinical trials.” Says Dr Hanne Evenbratt.

For more information, please contact:

PhD Hanne Evenbratt, Director of Product Development
Email: hanne.evenbratt@clinescientific.com
+46 704 88 79 23

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About Cline Scientific
Cline Scientific develops advanced cancer diagnostics and regenerative medicine treatments. The company is working heavily with R&D through joint collaborations with pharmaceutical companies and academic researchers around the world. The focus is on projects in the cancer diagnostic and stem cell therapy fields since Clines nanotechnology here provides unmet solutions to critical challenges and functions. The unique patented surface nanotechnology is used in cell-based products and processes to drive projects within Life Science into and through the clinical phase