Newsletter June 2021 – Embarking on New Beginnings

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With the first half of the year coming to an end, we would like to reflect and share some exciting new developments that have happened and dive more in one of our projects, StemCART.

Cline moves to Nasdaq First North Growth Market

On Monday 14th June, the Cline Scientific team came together at Wistrand Advokatbyrå’s office video studio to ring the bell to open trading of Cline’s stock on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. The milestone was made possible by the work of the team alongside our new Certified Advisor Redeye and our legal advisors at Wistrand, to whom we extend a great thank you! The virtual ceremony was attended by our board, investors and others in the Cline Scientific family. You can watch highlights, such as Cline on the billboards of New York Times Square, on our website. 

Cline Scientific has come a long way in its journey since we listed on Spotlight Stock Market in 2015. Today, Cline is developing two clinical products for important areas that affect patients all over the world. The switch to Nasdaq, with its international focus, is an opportunity for Cline to attract collaborators, partners and capital from all over the world. We are thankful for our shareholders and their support and look forward to the next chapter in Cline’s story. 

Welcoming our new board members

This month, Cline held its Annual General Meeting for 2021 by advance voting. From this meeting, Cline’s board now has two new members, Johan Bjurquist and Mattias Andrup. In this newsletter we will introduce the board members briefly. Welcome to the team Johan and Mattias!

Johan Bjurquist
A familiar face to the Cline community, Johan Bjurquist was a board member of Cline Scientific from 2015 until 2018 before serving as Liv Diagnostics AB CEO until their acquisition by Cline in 2020. Johan Bjurquist has an extensive background in sales and marketing with more than 20 years in both global and local organizations. Johan has worked as Nordic sales manager at D.O.R.C. Scandinavia AB, global product manager at Mölnlycke Health Care AB, and business area manager at NovAseptic AB (Millipore). He is currently the Nordic sales and marketing manager/COO for Medilens Nordic AB. As an experienced board member, Johan brings a wealth of knowledge and his history with CellRACE’s development will be of great value to Cline going forward. 

Mattias Andrup
Mattias Andrup is a Director of Medical Affairs with a long background in the pharmaceutical industry. He has extensive expertise in health and medical services, including quality issues, regulatory issues and drug monitoring for medical equipment and clinical trials. He has previously been Nordic Marketing Manager for Bayer Pharmaceuticals Division and is currently head of medical affairs for ABIGO Medical AB. Cline believes that Mattias makes a great addition as he will bring regulatory and clinical trial expertise, vital for the work in bringing both StemCART and CellRACE to the market. 


Last week, our collaboration with Chalmers University Department of Chemistry through joint master students concluded with a presentation of their results. The team did an excellent job and the work done together with us at Cline will be of great value to our cartilage therapy project, StemCART. One of the unique parts of the StemCART therapy will be its combination of our unique allogenic iPSC-derived chondrocytes with a biocompatible matrix that will house and support the cells and their healing capabilities. In comparison to other methods where free moving stem cells are injected into a damaged joint, this combination will ensure that the cells are able to function and heal cartilage as well as also stay fixated in the place in a load bearing environment of a knee joint. As a part of the development of Cline’s unique matrix system, the aim of the project during the Spring was to develop different cell carrier materials and methods of integrating our cells within the matrix, as well as suitable ways to analyse the efficiency of the integration and healing. The project was a great opportunity to collaborate with Chalmers and gain knowledge and results in the area of tissue engineering. The success of the project is shown by the newly developed matrices which serve as a solid foundation for our cartilage therapy project moving forward. 

“The StemCART matrix project over the last five months has been a very insightful and fruitful collaboration. A unique StemCART matrix will offer essential functionality to the final therapy with the aim to cure those suffering from Osteoarthritis. The students did a fantastic job, and we extend immense thanks and praise to our master thesis students as well Chalmers University of Technology.” Says PhD. Hanne Evenbratt, Head of Product Development.

Alongside the product development in the lab, the team has been preparing for an ex-vivo proof of concept study which is planned for late 2021. This includes meeting with experts, planning the experiments, and preparing an application for ethical approval to study patient cartilage material which was communicated in late May. 

For the other projects that are part of Clines R & D portfolio, CellRACE and a collaboration with Astra Zeneca in the V.A. Cure project, we will return with more news in later Newsletters as these projects proceed and information will be ready to communicate.

From the entire Cline team, we want to wish you an enjoyable and safe summer period and we look forward to sharing an even more exciting second half of 2021!

Warmest regards, 

The Cline team

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About Cline Scientific
Cline Scientific develops advanced cancer diagnostics and regenerative medicine treatments. The company is working heavily with R&D through joint collaborations with pharmaceutical companies and academic researchers around the world. The focus is on projects in the cancer diagnostic and stem cell therapy fields since Clines nanotechnology here provides unmet solutions to critical challenges and functions. The unique patented surface nanotechnology is used in cell-based products and processes to drive projects within Life Science into and through the clinical phase


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