The power of AI in breast cancer diagnosis in the spotlight

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New technology in analyzing breast mammograms has the potential to find breast cancer earlier and save lives. Advances in 3D imaging and AI are enabling earlier, more individualized, and accurate breast cancer diagnoses.

Yesterday during the morning news on TV4, Professor and Senior Physician Sophia Zackrisson explained how new techniques in digital imaging can provide a 3D view of the breast during a mammogram screening. The technique was found to lead to a 30% improvement in diagnoses, allowing tumors to be found earlier than previously possible. Many factors such as tissue density can lead to cancer being missed, therefore more individualized which can overcome these barriers is needed. 


In addition to the future possibilities of emerging digital technologies such as AI to assist radiographers and doctors, Professor Sophia Zackrisson mentions that AI can be used to give a risk assessment of the tumor, such as the tumor spreading and resulting in metastasis.


CellRACE is a novel example that will allow for much earlier and more accurate diagnosis.

The introduction of AI and machine learning allows for in depth analysis of live tumor cell assays, something previously too complex to use, and which has the potential to discover metastatic behavior, or potential, before a tumor has spread.  


About CellRACE

In the cancer diagnosis process, once a mammogram has detected an abnormal area in the breast, a biopsy of the tissue is taken and analyzed to form the patient’s diagnosis. CellRACE is a cell-based IVD product under development by Cline, alongside AI software expert partner IFLAI, and aims to determine the metastatic risk of the tumor cells by combining the use of gradient nanotechnology, advanced holographic imaging, and cutting-edge machine learning. CellRACE can predict this risk in an accurate manner not possible today as well as in a much earlier stage so the patient can start relevant treatment.


See the full interview on TV4 here (In Swedish)


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