Swedish-American artist Rallie releases new single Heaveni...sh

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The Swedish-American singer and songwriter known as Rallie has today released her second solo single, adding to New Music Friday twice in under a month, as well as to her album themed on two female characters. 

Heaven...ish invites you up into the clouds, urging you to let go of your worries, troubles... and inhibitions. Digging deeper, it's about unapologetic self-love and girl power.

“We wrote it as a fun, yet dark and glamorous twist on 90's dance music and it isn't afraid of it’s over the top style but rather embraces it in lyrics like: “put your best clothes on and dance with unicorns”, says Rallie.

The idea of Heaven...ish is that it’s as close to heaven as you are going to get. Whether you choose to see it as a place or a mindset is up to you, all that matters is that it is a safe space to be whoever you want. The pre chorus lays out this premise with the lines: “Ledger’s got his Joker on, he’s laughing up the room. Gaga’s got her Poker Face so now it’s up to you!”

Heaven...ish brings a dark, yet glamorous twist to an upbeat anthem reminiscent of 90’s dance music. The song is not afraid of it’s “over the top style” but rather embraces it in lyrics like: “put your best clothes on and dance with unicorns”. In harmony with the themes of the song, Heaven...ish is unabashedly playful.

Rallie is a 21-year-old songwriter based in Stockholm. She was born in New York and grew up in London and Stockholm. Last spring, she graduated from the music production college Musikmakarna in northern Sweden and has since written tunes for other artists, started a music studio and released her own songs with music and business partner Fredrik Toremark, aka Coal. Their second single received much acclaim, having been featured by music critic Fredrik Strage on TV4's morning show.   "Heaven....ish" is written and produced by Rallie, Beatrice Jaksch and Gabriel Pettersson.

Fredrik Toremark
CEO Coffee Shop Studios

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