About Us

ColumbiaSoft is a document management software company that helps businesses improve and automate document-centric business processes. The company believes that productivity is key to improving the bottom line at any business, and that a structured approach to information management leads to greater productivity. Clients also benefit with improved visibility over information, leading to smarter, faster business decisions. ColumbiaSoft's centralized approach to document control software, and expertise in business process management, helps companies identify and improve operations where the flow of information is a concern. Clients see reduced financial liability through compliance with regulatory and industry standards, increased visibility over information, greater productivity through automation of procedures, and reduced overhead costs stemming from a paperless approach. ColumbiaSoft's technology has a unique integration with Microsoft Windows and Office applications that the company designed to make document management easy for people to use. As an 11-year veteran of the Microsoft Partner Network, the company has maintained its close working approach with Microsoft throughout.