SIME Awards announces new categories

SIME Awards announces new categories The SIME Awards is the largest annual competition for interactive media productions originating from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. The competition was established in 1996 in order to contribute to the creative development of the interactive media and communication industries of our region. SIME Awards are given to both the principal (client) and the producers (creators). The overall purpose of the competition is to award excellence in the field of interactive media production and to inspire future innovative work of exceptional quality. The competition will also serve to increase overall awareness and interest for interactive media outside the industry. The categories The traditional awards for outstanding Internet applications will be joined by awards for excellence in areas such as ITV and wireless and focus will be on both information and entertainment. The new categories are the following: Best Interactive TV production - broadcast Best Interactive TV production - webcast Best Wireless Application - Business & Information Best Wireless Application - Pleasure & Entertainment Best Internet Application - Business & Information Best Internet Application - Pleasure & Entertainment Best Customer Communication Solution The Peoples Choice Award - Internet SIME Grand Prize - Best overall The criteria The jury's task is to evaluate entry submissions and rank them on the basis of specific criteria. This years competing entries will be judged in relation to these creative attributes. § Relevance - significance to customer's core activity. § Originality - level of originality. § Content - depth, quality, comprehensiveness and value of information. § Design - attractiveness, aesthetic value, screen design and readability. § Workmanship - quality of visuals, text and code. § Technical excellence - for innovative use of new and existing technology to achieve superior solutions § Strategic strength - developing the new media industries The competition and the Jury The competing entries will we judged in three separate rounds. First all contributions will we evaluated on a national bases. Each local jury admits a maximum of five nominees for each category. At the following two main jury conferences these 25 nominees will be limited down to two runners up and one winner in each category. In the two odd categories - Peoples choice and The Grand prize it's the public opinion and the steering committee that casts the votes. These two categories are not open for application. All juries are made up of leading individuals from our industry. It consists of professionals working in the areas of production, special interest organisations and buyers of industry services. Members are chosen for their skill, individual achievements and acknowledged integrity. Winners will be announced at the award ceremony on June 6th. It will be an award ceremony to remember. Last day to register your contribution is April 1st. Up to this date February 15, 2001 the jury consists of the following persons: Chairman of the jury is Ann Westfelt, Visionary AB. Tech jury Sweden Håkan Dennersten Netch Dan Tavares Avanza Technologies Malin Rönnmark Framfab Martin Gren Axis Joakim Jardenberg Infinit Communications Patrick Gardner Houdini Magnus Bodin Framfab Pelle Håkansson Razorfish Charles Brisson Dobermann Alarik von Hofsten Fluid minds Finland Denmark PJ Hyytiäinen Taivas Bjarne Tveskov eLancer Markku Jusila Osuuspankki Michael Rying Nordea Rami Korhonen Smallplanet Ltd Nikolaj Nyholm Speednames Janne Pamsgaard Members from Norway and Iceland are not yet appointed. SIME was first held in 1996. Since then the event has grown into one of Europe's leading forums for interactive communications. Last year more than a thousand people came together in Stockholm to listen to some of our industry's leading personalities and to network and party with fellow colleagues from throughout the Nordic region and the world. The event will take place on June 6-7 and we have once again picked Cirkus in Stockholm as our main arena. Follow the fun! For additional information, contact: Magnus Myrenberg, project manager SIME 2001, Tel: + 46 70 578 23 98. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: