Launching new website

CombiGene’s new website was launched today Nov 9th. It is now available in both English and Swedish, and also contain links to video interviews, as well as links to external websites and scientific papers which provide complementary information about for example epilepsy and gene therapy.

“It has been somewhat of a problem not having an English website”, says CEO Bengt Westrin. “For example, we had to ask PharmaVentures in Oxford to withhold the broadcasting of a video interview because such international exposure is worth little if our predominantly English-speaking international community cannot follow up by visiting a website they can understand. Now we can just go ahead with that broadcast, as well with a few other planned PR & communication initiatives directed to both Swedish and international audiences. It really feels good.”

CombiGene was assisted by the advertising agency Wiberg & Co in Helsingborg for designing and launching the new website.

Information with exclusively financial character, such as annual and quarterly reports, public offerings, press releases, and other similar documents will only be published in Swedish in order to be consistent with Swedish securities rules and regulations.

For further information:

CombiGene AB (publ)

Bengt Westrin, CEO

Tel: +46 70 265 48 62


About CombiGene AB

By combining modern neuroscience with recent advances in gene delivery, CombiGene has developed a method shown to suppress epileptic seizures in preclinical studies. The current focus is on continuing to develop this method into an effective and safe therapy for epilepsy patients, but the method may also have development potential as a means of treating other neurological disorders. Founded on the basis of scientific discoveries made at Lund University and the University of Copenhagen, CombiGene has offices at Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden. The company is public and listed on the Swedish marketplace AktieTorget.

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