Combitech establishes operations in Finland

The technical consultancy Combitech is taking over operations at Saab Systems Oy, thereby taking a major step towards becoming a Nordic consulting company.

Combitech, which is an independent company within the defence and security company Saab, has a clear ambition to grow in the Nordic consultancy market. The company presently has operations in Sweden and Norway and is now entering the Finnish market by taking over the operations of Saab Systems Oy, with 60 employees based in four locations. Saab Systems Oy works with system integration within the defence and security field. The majority of operations are expert services, with customers in the defence sector as well as the security and communications market.

"Our strategy is to grow in the Nordic region and, through Saab Systems Oy, we gain a strong foothold in Finland with an established customer base. The competence that exists in Combitech and the Finnish company are well matched and now we can also offer Finnish customers access to the full wide range of Combitech's services. Initially, our focus in Finland will be on services within information and system security, system integration and robust communication," says Combitech's CEO Marie Bredberg.

Combitech has enjoyed strong growth in recent years. This growth has come about both organically and through acquisitions. Sörman Information was acquired in January 2012 and in August that year, Combitech purchased 70% of the Norwegian company Bayes Risk Management.

Saab Systems Oy was previously part of Saab's Security and Defence Solutions business area, and the transition over to Combitech came into effect on 1 January 2014.

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About Combitech
Combitech is a Nordic technical consultancy, with more than 1,400 employees in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The company is an independent company within the defence and security company Saab AB.