Launch of Com Hem Smart – A Digital Platform for multi-dwelling units

Today, Com Hem launches Com Hem Smart, its digital platform for multi-dwelling units. This will enable all residents to interact for a simple, secure community life: common spaces and resources can be booked, neighbours can share and exchange things with each other, and landlords can have increased digital control over the property, keeping administrative and maintenance costs down.

Com Hem Smart is a user-friendly app for smartphones, where the users have control over large parts of their residence. The service has been developed for landlords with multi-dwelling units, or for tenant-owned associations. They sign a licensing agreement for Com Hem Smart, and can then distribute unique login information that residents will use to activate the service on their smartphones. 

“At Com Hem, we are developing services aimed at providing people with the right conditions for getting as much as possible out of their digital lives. The digitalisation has meant that both the business sector and landlords now have to enhance the efficiency of their operations in order to keep up. We believe the need for a digital platform is greater than ever. That is why we are launching Com Hem Smart, which I am convinced will simplify daily life for both landlords and residents,” says Lars Ljunggren, head of Product Landlord at Com Hem. 

Com Hem develops Com Hem Smart in collaboration with TMPL Solutions AB. Com Hem Smart is available in both Google Play and the App Store. Residents in multi-dwelling units can use the app at no extra cost after they have received the login information from their landlord or tenant-owner association.

Functions in Com Hem Smart 

The “Flow” function is used for disseminating information, discussions, buying and selling things between residents, or voting on matters concerning the shared residence. The more active members are, the better the flow.  

Documents and housing binders 
A long-term document archive linked to the property as a whole, the tenant-owner association, and each apartment. Examples of documents could be user guides, guarantees, or the associations’ by-laws.  

Reporting and service requests 
Residents can file reports and request service easily using their smartphones. The landlord sets the rules as to who will receive reports, and feedback takes place in the flow. This will result in the right action more quickly, and reduce case management for association boards, managers, and customer service.  

Com Hem Smart is prepared to connect various services together with a partner, for example ordering food from local restaurants and buying goods and services.

Bookable resources 
Premises, spaces, tools and other items can easily be made shareable and bookable. It will also be possible to add items and services that residents themselves want to share. This flexibility results in a natural sharing economy for everyone living under the same roof. 

Provided that individual metering has been prepared on the property, residents can easily read their own energy and water consumption at the apartment level and compare it with the average consumption in the building, if the apartments are individually metered.  

Information for editors:

Press release, 23 August 2017: Com Hem initiates cooperation on smart homes 

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