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Comintelli launches new version of Intelligence2day[®] SaaS, powered by Artificial Intelligence

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Comintelli, a leading global Market and Competitive Intelligence (M&CI) software company, announces the launch of a new Software as a Service (SaaS) version of Intelligence2day®. As previously communicated, the development of new SaaS infrastructure with extended Artificial Intelligence (AI)-functionality has been a long-term priority to help clients discover market insights.

“In these disruptive times, I am proud of how tirelessly our team has worked to deliver AI propositions that will help our customers become more competitive,” says Jesper Martell, CEO of Comintelli.

Businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on data to make timely and wise decisions. The latest Intelligence2day® updates bring stronger analytics capabilities, allowing businesses to turn data points into insights that effectively help leaders identify threats and opportunities in time. In a recent Comintelli survey, clients were asked what feature improvements they desired, and 74 % said they wanted more advanced text analytics and classification.   

“In the ‘new normal’, I predict that the need for market and competitive intelligence will grow rapidly to help organizations anticipate customers and competitors behavior. With Intelligence2day® you will have a technology toolbox that helps you detect strategic insights about your business environment and to be prepared for building sustainable future growth.”

The new version enhances the data analysis capabilities of Intelligence2day® with powerful AI based features that utilize machine learning and natural language processing technology. Some new key features include:

AI-based Content Classification
Intelligence2day® deploys several machine learning technologies to automatically analyze and classify content in the following ways:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) reveals the structure and meaning of text.
  • Entity recognition is a deep neural network technology that automatically extracts information about organizations, people, places, and events, classifying articles into AI based topics. When available, the entities are enriched with Wikipedia links.
  • Sentiment analysis understands if the content is positive or negative in its context.
  • Content is classified into general AI based categories based on a context aware AI model.

Hashtag based Classification
A hashtag allows end-users to index keywords or topics freely by themselves. This offers an additional method of content classification that can be seen as a more distributed and pragmatic way to suggest and recommend relevant content.   

Trend Clusters
These help users to uncover dynamic, visually impactful insights with minimal effort and time by applying an algorithm that analyzes articles to discover and create groups of related content clusters. The insights from each cluster are displayed in a simple visual way, allowing users to easily dive into the clusters to discover further insights.

AI based Signal Spotter
By visualizing the most common terms and phrases, Signal Spotter draws insights behind text responses without manual coding or tagging. The feature intelligently identifies singular and plural words, tense variation, and similar words and phrases, then groups them together to display as a single phrase in a world cloud.

Auto summarization
Text attachments can be automatically summarized by an AI algorithm that extracts sentences from identified key terms in the text. This feature can be used for summarizing multiple uploaded files and helps publishers to create describing summaries, as well as gives readers an understanding of the attached files without downloading and reading them.

Subscription based model
With the new platform, Comintelli offers an updated subscription-based pricing model. Beyond making Intelligence2day® more accessible to clients, the subscription model has a lot of advantages for clients, such as simplicity, flexibility and lower upfront payments.

“We have a lot of interest in Intelligence2day® from companies that not only want quick and easy on-boarding, but also want the possibility of remote deployment,” says Jesper Martell. ”The new SaaS platform will be rolled out gradually to all of our users in the coming months.”


About Comintelli

Comintelli (www.comintelli.com) is a Swedish software company which offers Intelligence Software that converts unstructured big data content into organized, digestible information for decision-making. Founded in 1999 and with extensive intelligence experience, Comintelli continues to develop user-friendly solutions that shortens Time-to-Insights.

About Intelligence2day®
The award-winning solution Intelligence2day® (www.intelligence2day.com) is an insight engine that helps customers make faster and more confident decisions. Customers are knowledge-intensive organizations in industries characterized by rapid change, strong regulations and a high need for innovation, such as AkzoNobel, Bayer, DSM, GEA, Ericsson, Essity and Tetra Pak.