Age is no barrier to pet insurance with Agria’s Amnesty this May

It’s common for owners of older pets to have difficulties finding insurance cover for their pets at a time when they most need it, due to maximum age limits for new policies. Now Agria Pet Insurance has announced an Age Amnesty for the whole of May that means that pet owners will be offered a quote for cover regardless of the age of their pet.*

Veterinary practices are being encouraged to make their clients aware of the benefits that will ensure that older pets get the high quality care they deserve in their senior years.

An increased predisposition to chronic mobility problems, heart disease and many other conditions is expected as pets get older. Treating those conditions can be costly for the owner and may even be a barrier to presenting the pet for regular health checks and disease investigations.

Being able to access pet insurance at this important time in the pet’s life gives owners the reassurance they need to take action early when they suspect that health is compromised. Vets and vet nurses know that it’s often this ability to detect disease in its early stages and to treat appropriately that extends both the duration and quality of life.

It is also the first anniversary of Agria offering five weeks free pet insurance plus insurance quotes without an age limit for rehomed older pets from rehoming centres and charities.* This initiative offers prospective owners greater confidence to take on the additional commitment of an older pet and removes a significant barrier to rehoming. Veterinary practices working with charities can get in touch with Agria to find out more.

Opening up this offer to all pet owners through May offers a rare opportunity to insure potentially vulnerable senior dogs and cats. Head of Sales and Marketing Alastair Cook says it’s a great way to reinforce to clients how much you care, “The bond with an older pet is often special and it can be very distressing when they develop a condition that is going to require treatment on an ongoing basis. We don’t want cost to be the pet owner’s biggest worry, or for people to feel that they can’t afford to ask their veterinary practice for help. We’re asking practices to reach out to pet owners and let them know about this time limited offer so we can help as many pets and people as possible.”

Agria has produced an Age Amnesty waiting room poster to help practices with their communication, available on request by calling its veterinary helpline on 03330 30 83 90 or email


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