Compodium launches whistleblower service together with Advokatbyrån Kaiding

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Compodium International AB (publ), a leading Swedish provider of secure communication services, is launching a whistleblower service together with the law firm Kaiding to meet the new legal requirements.

Whistleblowing means that a person with insight into a company, organization or authority sounds the alarm that any irregularities occur. Whistleblowers often have good insight into the business but are generally also in a position of dependence, which creates a great need for protection against reprisals.     

The background to Compodium's decision to further develop its whistleblower service in its communication platform is the Whistleblower Act, which will be introduced on 17 December 2021. The Whistleblower Act extends the protection of people who report perceived malpractice are required to have an internal whistleblower function. To ensure the legal requirement for the reporting person to remain completely anonymous, Compodium has developed its service together with the law firm Kaiding, which provides advice regarding the whistleblower law. The law firm Kaiding can also be an internal reporting channel for employers affected by the legislation by      The law firm Kaiding's lawyers receive the whistleblower and ensure that the right measures can be taken. 

-The purpose of whistleblowing is to detect serious malpractice in the workplace. By packaging Compodium's whistleblower service together with Advokatbyrån Kaiding, we give our customers the opportunity to guarantee the anonymity of the whistleblower, while the employer can detect risks early and then quickly take the right measures, says Charlotte Berg, CEO of Compodium International AB

-We welcome the collaboration with Compodium as the service helps the employer to meet the new legal requirements in a simple way, while ensuring the whistleblower's rights, says Sara Axelsson, lawyer at Advokatbyrån Kaiding

For questions regarding Compodium's services, please contact the press officer:Lin Nordström tel: +46 (0) 733993386

Compodium was founded in 1997 with the mission of delivering reliable, digital collaboration solutions for organizations, companies and authorities. Compodium's secure communication platform offers services with strong authentication to ensure the regulatory requirements that exist for sensitive personal data. One of them is the company's flagship product Vidicue - a secure, encrypted and authenticated video conferencing service, as well as services in secure messaging, digital signature and whistleblower function. The company is headquartered in Sweden, with international operations in the United Kingdom, the United States, the Netherlands and South Africa.

By delivering reliable and secure premium solutions for unified communications, Compodium helps companies and authorities collaborate more efficiently and achieve higher productivity. With first-class customer service and more than twenty years of experience, Compodium helps its customers, including some of the largest organizations in healthcare, technology, the public sector and financial services, to create meeting cultures that take into account both people and the environment.

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