Componenta and Karkkila town were awarded for preservation of industrial heritage

Componenta’s subsidiary Componenta Finland Ltd Högfors and the town of Karkkila have been awarded for the preservation of the Högfors ironworks area and its preservat reuse and development. The prize awarded by the Industial Heritage Association (Teollisuusperintöseura) was handed to the prize-winners today, on 24 November 2015 in Karkkila, Finland. 

”The ironworks area is an unique milieu and real property complex, which is continuosly developed by Componenta in order to preserve the heritage of the area and to offer suitable premises to different companies, new ones and  those who are currently operating in the area. Strong knowledge and knowhow, excellent premises and atmosphere supporting the entrepreneurship are availalbe in the area, says Mika Härkönen, Managing Director of Högfors-Ruukki. 

Altogether the area offers plenty of room for different purposes: 8,000 m2 for industial use, 5,500 m2 for storing and multi purposes and 1,600 m2 for modern offices. Componenta, the town of Karkkila, the Karkkila Medical Centre, Kela and Tekopa among others are today operating in the ironworks area. History of the Högfors ironworks area is widely presented in the Finnish Foundry Museum, located in the area. 

The industrial heritage prize is awarded after 2-4 years for preserving, storing and expressing of industrial heritage. By awards communities and private operators are encouraged to widely preserve, observe and launch the industrial heritage. 

The year 2015 has been a theme year of the industrial and technical herigate in Europe, and in Finland the focus of the year has especially been on the history of the industrial and technical heritage. The Finnish Industrial Heritage Association is celebrating the theme year by awarding two industrial heritage prizes for once. In addition to Componenta and the town of Karkkila, A. Ahlström Kiinteistöt Oy for the saw museum of Makkarakoski in Noormarkku and the Ahlström Voyage exhibition.


For additional information about the Högfors ironworks please contact:

Mika Härkönen, tel. +358 50 506 8040, mika.harkonen(at)
Tommi Kuutsa, tel. +358 9 4258 3672, tommi.kuutsa(at)


Componenta Finland Oy Högfors, located in Karkkila, is one of the iron foundries in the Componenta Group. Componenta is a metal sector group with international operations and production plants located in Finland, Turkey, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Högfors-Ruukki Oy, part of Componenta Group, is taking care of the real estates in the Högfors ironworks area in Karkkila.

Teollisuusperintöseura ry (Industrial Heritage Assiciation) in Finland, founded in 1985, is a member of the Internatioal TICCIH organization which is targeting to deepen the knowledge of the industrial heritage and to proceed the documentation, research and protection of the industrial heritage.