Café Dan Turèll Accepting Payment in CCD, Concordium’s Native Cryptocurrency

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Zug, Switzerland - February 9, 2022 -  Café Dan Turèll, a Parisian inspired café in Copenhagen announced today, that it will start accepting $CCD, Concordium blockchains´ crypto currency as of Thursday February 10th, 2022. 

The café is named after the iconic Danish poet Dan Turèll who was a unique but frequent sight at the pubs and cafés of the time, with his black lacquered nails and his large, wide black hat. His poems are still loved for their quirky and clear views of everyday life in the big city. Since the beginning of 1977, Café Dan Turèll has had a special place in the hearts of many Copenhageners. Concordium´s founder Lars Seier Christensen recently took over the café and had it renovated. The café was brought back to its former glory, with a deep respect for it's spirit and long history, but also with a modern, quality-conscious twist. 

Payment via cryptocurrencies is on the rise as these gain popularity and enter the mainstream. What was once primarily the domain of Bitcoin (BTC) has seen an influx of consumers and businesses using digital tokens other than Bitcoin for purchases

Lars Seier Christensen, Chairman Concordium, commented: After I posted today ‘You like CCD tokens from Concordium, but you also like great cocktails and good wine. Problem solved as we now accept CCDs as payment in the iconic Cafe Dan Turell in Copenhagen!’, people have reached out to me to see how they too can take payments with the CCD. So obviously the potential is out there. Web 3.0, blockchain and crypto currencies will drive many new business opportunities. I love to test and try, this is a great way to get a better understanding of what Web 3.0 and the future economies are all about. At Concordium, we aim to define some of this future.”

Aleksander Haugstrup, CEO, Café Dan Turèll, commented: “We’re delighted to announce our support for Concordium at Café Dan Turèll. With the growth of our business and customer base and the increasing use of crypto-currency, we chose to work with a company that prides itself on identity verification and look forward to accepting CCD as payment at our café in the center of Copenhagen”.

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