Top Metaverse, Exarta, is Coming to Concordium

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Friday 7th October, 2022 - Switzerland - Exarta, a U.K based metaverse recently featured in the Business Leader Magazine’s Global Top 32 Metaverse Companies, is coming to Concordium.

Using Concordium’s ID layer to build safe and authentic environments while balancing privacy and accountability, Exarta plan to go multi-chain, bridging serious gamers and brands from existing blockchains.

Exarta says a Fortune 200 company is expected to join Exarta in October, along with other organizations that are building on the virtual world which will be announced later this year.

Enabling users to pay with both fiat and crypto, Exarta can onboard brands at speed and offer faster time to market, at a fraction of the cost it currently takes to build on current metaverses.

In a metaverse first, Exarta have built their own proprietary A.I/ Machine Learning systems, and designed their virtual world built on Unreal Engine, including an in-house developed custom avatar creator module, and car configurator.

Exarta will also incorporate retail, gaming, medical, and educational applications to give brands a complete metaverse platform to create new experiences with their customers.

“Without question, the metaverse vision is a big opportunity for the blockchain industry. Therefore, at Concordium, it is very important for us to partner up with ambitious projects in this space. We want to support the metaverses themselves, but can also bring clients to them as an increasing number of use cases are requesting metaverse infrastructure for their own projects. So we see a great synergy between the metaverse, our other projects and use cases and the safe environment Concordium provides for both brands and users. We are excited to have identified Exarta as an aspiring and commercially orientated metaverse. Together, we will bring corporations and brands into these new virtual distribution and marketing channels that we believe will constitute an ever increasing part of business and everyday life in coming years. Both for social and commercial purposes, the future looks bright for the metaverse, and Exarta is well positioned to be among the front runners in the industry.’’ says Lars Seier Christensen, Concordium Founder and Chairman.

"We are excited to be working with Concordium and believe that the ID layer will be a critical component for large brand adoption within the web3 space now and in the future. Exarta has been building non-stop for some of the largest brands in the world. Our rapid expansion also includes building teams across our offices in Asia, UK, Dubai, USA, and a headquarters in the Isle of Man.’" Says Rashid Ali, Exarta Co-founder and CEO.

He continues by saying "Our proprietary A.I artificial intelligence coupled with the Concordium blockchain will revolutionize the Metaverse as we know it today. We will bring brands on at scale and give users a safe, secure and private platform to work in, explore, buy/ trade and play."

Maria Amalia Rojas
Marketing Director

About Concordium

Concordium is a permissionless layer 1, science-backed blockchain, designed to balance privacy with accountability through its ID layer and the use of Zero-knowledge proofs.

Creating trust with ID is a key to the mass migration of web2 to web3 and beyond.

For DeFi degens, metaverse players, and gamers, it provides a fast, secure, and highly capable platform that makes building and using dApps a simpler, more accessible task. Concordium differs by having the third party verified ID, by offering nearly instantaneous, real finality which hinders roll-back of transactions and offers  low transaction fees, stable in FIAT terms and a large throughput.

With leadership from Volvo, IKEA, Credit Suisse, Uber the team is now scaling the chain to its extensive network of the world's biggest enterprises. For more information:

About Exarta

Exarta is building something truly special: an ecosystem built around their community of users and merchants consisting of in-game utilities, rewards, unique avatar and NFT creation, real world applications all powered by ground-breaking A.I, data-driven and blockchain technology. Their aim is to make the Exarta Metaverse the leading Web3 portal with a focus on ecommerce and transactional technology. Learn more at