Outer Spice Brings Low-salt and No-salt Seasonings to your Rack

All-natural, organic, small batch spices from Austin, Texas-based company bring heart-healthy flavors to the table

AUSTIN – Noveber 18, 2013Outer Spice is delivering four healthy new seasoning solutions to stores—and spice racks—everywhere. The new no-salt and low-salt seasonings, made by Austin, Texas-based Black River Trading Company, are all-natural, gluten-free spice blends that add depth to any meal. Outer Spice is the only spice blend created to serve as both an ingredient in every dish and a table-side condiment.

The mission of the spice company goes well beyond food. It’s also about health. In 2010, Black River Trading Company Founder Ben Stevens began researching herbs and spices after a bout of food poisoning left him sick and weak. What he found surprised him: spices have healing powers. He traveled to the Caribbean to meet with growers and sample the fresh, all natural and organic spices he’d been reading about. During his travels, his health began to improve. He returned home and began drying his own herbs and spices and experimenting with his own blends, which he shared with friends. The foundation for his company was born.

“The real key to a healthy life is a diet rich in whole foods and spice. I created Outer Spice with health and harmony in mind,” said Stevens. “Black River Trading Company prides itself in fair labor practices and we’re directly involved with the communities we do business in. So when you buy our carefully crafted spice blends, you’re investing in a company you can trust, and a spice you can savor.”   

Every container of Outer Spice is made from hand-selected fresh herbs and spices, which are ground in small, artisanal batches. Rich in antioxidants and free of MSG, each of the four flavor profiles is versatile, and can be used on just about any dish, including eggs, salads, pastas and veggies. The spices are also great for marinades, dressings, soups and dips, as well as rubs on fish, chicken, beef and pork.

The four Outer Spice blends are:

Outer Spice Original, Low Salt. High in flavor, low in sodium. Only 95 mg of sodium per serving (4 percent of daily value).

Outer Spice Spicy, Low Salt. Kicks up a dish’s flavor without too much heat. Versatile in taste, never eclipses the natural taste of food. Great on BBQ. Only 95 mg of sodium per serving (4 percent of daily value).

Outer Spice Original, No Salt. Unique combination of freshly ground herbs and spices boosts flavor without sodium.

Outer Spice Spicy, No Salt. Pow! An added zing helps step up a food’s flavor profile, without adding salt.

Outer Spice and Outer Spice Spicy are available in 1.25-pound food service packs or 3.75-ounce retail shakers. No Salt original and Spicy blends are available in 1-pound packs and 3-ounce shakers.

Outer Spice is available at restaurants and grocers, including select Whole Foods, nationwide. Customers can also purchase Outer Spice at www.outerspiceit.com.

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About Black River Trading Company

Black River Trading Company, based in Austin, Texas, is committed to maintaining direct involvement in the communities in which it does business. The company pledges to engage in fair labor practices and uses only natural, organic ingredients. Founded by Ben Stevens in 2010, the goal of Outer Spice is to promote good health through whole foods and healthy spices. Visit http://outerspiceit.com, https://twitter.com/OuterSpiceit and https://www.facebook.com/OuterSpiceit?ref=hl#!/OuterSpiceit

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Quick facts

Outer Spice is a new company that created four highly versatile low salt and no salt seasoning blends that are all-natural, gluten-free, rich in anti-oxidants and contain no MSG.
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Outer Spice is made to order keeping the whole components like allspice and nutmeg vital in taste, freshness and potency, something other spice companies do not do.
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Outer Spice is the only spice blend created to serve as both an ingredient in every dish and a table-side condiment on every dining table.
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Simple single jars of spices such as peppercorns, sea salt, nutmeg, etc. are typically $6 or more for one jar, if they are of any quality at all. Outer Spice includes a high-quality blend of 16 herbs and spices for $6.99 per container.
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Our blend of 16 herbs and spices is complex and of the highest quality possible. We select the cleanest nicest all natural ingredients we can. Outer Spice saves you time, money and adds value to your meals. It will change the way you cook and eat.
Ben Stevens