Press release from two extraordinary general meetings on 21 December 2001

Press release from two extraordinary general meetings on 21 December 2001 Press release Motala, Sweden 21 December 2001 Resolutions at the general meetings · Rights issue of MSEK 25.4, guaranteed to MSEK 20.5 · Stock option program for management and employees Resolution on rights issue etc. It was resolved to raise approximately MSEK 25.4 by issuing no more than 11,299,065 new shares. The right to subscribe for new shares shall, with pre-emption rights, only lie with the shareholders of the company. Each old share shall entitle the holder to receive three subscription rights. Two subscription rights entitle to subscription of one new share. The record date for reception of subscription rights is 22 January 2002. The subscription period runs from and including 28 January up to and including 11 February 2002. The new shares shall be issued at a price of SEK 2.25 per share. The rights issue is guaranteed to MSEK 20.5. The guarantors' consideration for their commitment to guarantee the issue is payable in the form of new shares, wherefore it was further resolved to issue no more than 911,110 new shares directed to the guarantors. Due to the issues it was resolved to amend the articles of association to the effect that the share-capital limits of the company are adjusted. Provided that the share capital of the company, after the issues have been carried through, amount to at least MSEK 8, the share capital shall amount to no less than MSEK 8 and no more than MSEK 32. Further, the articles of association were amended to the effect that, in addition to ordinary general meetings, extraordinary general meetings may also be held in Stockholm. Resolution, within the framework of a stock option program, on issue of warrants It was resolved to issue 1,320,000 warrants to subscribe for new shares. Each warrant entitles the holder to subscribe for one new share in the company. Subscription for shares in accordance with the terms of the warrants may be effected during the period from and including 31 August 2003 up to and including 31 August 2004. The exercise price shall be determined through a valuation corresponding to 200 percent of the average price for a share in the company registered for each trading day during the subscription period for the rights issue, which the company carries out (see above). The issue of warrants shall be directed to the fully-owned subsidiary ConNova Systems AB, with the right and obligation for the that company to offer mainly employees of the ConNova group to acquire warrants on terms corresponding to market conditions. About ConNova ConNova specialises in developing and supplying business support systems for multimedia operators handling pay-TV, Internet, broadband, publishing and telecom services. The company has 15 year's experience of the industry. ConNova´s services extend from consulting services to the development of software adapted to meet the market's latest requirements. Within the framework of ConNova TVX AB, ConNova also runs customer services on an assignment basis for European pay-TV operators. ConNova´s current customers are mainly to be found in the fields of cable TV, DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television), multimedia, publishing and telecommunications. The ConNova Group AB (publ) has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange's O list since 1997. For further information, please contact: Jörgen Bladh, Chairman of ConNova Group AB (publ) Tel: +46 707 30 70 50 E-mail: Björn Persson, Member of the board of directors of ConNova Group AB (publ) Tel: +46 705 38 08 80 E-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: