Conscia first Cisco IoT Advantage Partner in the world

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Conscia Sweden, a leading provider of security and IT infrastructure solutions, has qualified as the first Cisco IoT Advantage Partner in the world This is the result of a lot of completed Cisco IoT training and a wealth of practical experience regarding IoT and industrial networks. Conscia has also developed the Conscia DevicePortal software, which is used by both private and public actors in several countries to quickly connect and manage IoT devices in a secure manner.

- Conscia has a large customer base in, among other things, the manufacturing industry, and the fact that we are now the world’s first Cisco IoT Advantage Partner is a clear signal that our customers have a first-class partner at their service here and now, says Claus Thorsgaard, CEO of Conscia Group.

- The ability to build secure solutions that allow our customers to unlock the power of the data they possess in the production networks gives us exciting opportunities for efficiency and new business models. It also means that we can take a proactive role and propose new solutions for customers in other industries, and thereby let them take part in experiences and opportunities they may not have thought of, says Lars Kyhlstedt, Managing Director, Conscia Sweden.

– It is only when it is possible to connect really many devices quickly and safely - whether it is lathes in a factory or speakers in a school - that you can realize the significant potential of networked intelligence. Cisco's modern, secure, efficient, and flexible networks enable this and therefore we are very pleased that Conscia with its extensive expertise in the latest technologies is now our first IoT Advantage Partner, says Niklas Andersson, Vice President, Cisco EMEAR North.

The term IoT - Internet of Things - encompasses many different solutions for connecting different devices and things. The need for data collection from deployed units such as real estate systems, industrial units, control systems or equipment in healthcare has traditionally often been handled completely separated from classic IT. Proprietary protocols and requirements for how, for example, locks, industrial robots or X-ray machines need to communicate often result in one unique solution per need.

The requirement to constantly add more and new devices, protocols and data collection points can lead to an almost exponentially increased burden in the handling of each new function that is to be connected - especially if security is to be taken into account. With Conscia DevicePortal, it is possible to manage security in a fast and efficient way when onboarding and handling IoT devices. Another major challenge is that high competence is required to handle IoT security without a simplifying tool, such as Conscia DevicePortal.

- With Conscia DevicePortal, other IT personnel, who do not have special skills, can handle the work, says Ola Magnusson, Head of Group IT Infrastructure at Suzuki Garphyttan, a world-leading manufacturer of valve spring wire for car engines and transmission solutions.

Cisco is a world leader in communications and networking, offering a strong suite of IoT products and solutions. Whether it's specific and rugged products that can handle the outdoor environment or platforms like Cisco Cybervision to provide an overview and security, they take advantage of their deep knowledge of how to build scalable and reliable communication solutions.

About Conscia   

Conscia is a Network of Knowledge and an ICT service provider that specializes in cyber security, IT infrastructure solutions, and managed services, supported by Nordic Capital. As a trusted advisor Conscia strives to support the customers ‘business-critical IT infrastructure’ across the entire value chain from design, implementation, operation and optimization. The ambition is supported by profound technical competencies and insight, which is displayed through the unique customer portal, this also forms the basis for the best customer experiences and the highest customer satisfaction in the industry. Another strategic goal for Conscia is to be the most attractive workplace for talented IT infrastructure specialists in Europe. Currently Conscia Group has more than 800 employees across six countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, and Slovenia), with an annual turnover of 2,5 bn DKK (335 m EUR). For more information, visit 

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