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RENO, NV, Sept. 8, 2011 – ConservingNow today announced that they have distributed more than 175,000 free ‘Bring Your Own Bag’ static window cling reminders to-date. Based in Reno, NV, ConservingNow is an environmentally conscious campaign-based company whose primary focus is to further the global message that using plastic bags damages the environment. Plastic bags are the biggest environmental subject in today’s headlines. To help remind consumers to take in their own bags, ConservingNow created an innovative static window cling for remembering reusable bags when entering a grocery store, shopping mall or other retail location.

CoservingNow’s static window cling is not a sticker it’s a static cling! It can be easily placed on the driver’s side window – without damaging the window – so that it is always in the line of sight when getting out of the car. It is visible from both inside and outside of the car, so that anyone walking by can also see it and be reminded to bring in their own bags. With the typical American family using 500-1,500 plastic bags per year, ConservingNow’s static window cling has helped keep 140+ million bags out of the ecosystem – and they have only just begun!

ConservingNow believes that simple actions can have a huge impact on the environment. Consequently, ConservingNow launched a community to change environmental habits in current and future generations. The company’s main focus is to eliminate plastic bags from the environment by reducing consumers’ disposable habits. The ability for eco-minded individuals to get a free automobile window cling – to remind them to bring their reusable bags into the store instead of using grocery and retail plastic bags – has resulted in a tremendous drop in the use of plastic bags nationwide.

“Over the past few decades, we have come to rely more and more on disposable products without much thought to the environmental impact,” commented Gayle Crowell, one of the co-founders of Conservingnow. “The time has come to change these habits and what better place to start than by eliminating single use plastic bags from our lives. We know it is a difficult habit to break but with the help of our car window static cling reminder, we can each do our part to ensure a healthy planet for future generations.”

Single use plastic bags became popular about three decades ago. In 2001, the EPA announced that only 1% of the plastic bags made were actually being recycled. With the average American family taking home almost 1,500 plastic bags per year that translates to only 15 bags per family being recycled! As a result, banning plastic bags has been on the agenda of environmentally conscious individuals, political figures, government and even the United Nations for many years. Conservingnow is trying to help individuals contribute to making a difference.

About Conservingnow

Like so many others who are committed to bringing their own bags when shopping, Gayle Crowell and Meghan Crowell realized how often they forgot their own reusable bags in the car or at home. “Our local market had their lunch tables by the checkout stands and we would sit there eating lunch and listen to shopper after shopper say, ‘Darn, I left my bags in the car!’” said Gayle. Understanding that all of their good intentions to make a difference by using their own bags wouldn't really help if they couldn’t actually remember to bring them, Gayle and Meghan vowed to make a difference. The static window cling was born.

In addition to their free static window clings, ConservingNow offers extensive teacher and family educational programs to provide parents and educators with innovative and exciting curriculum to teach young people about caring for the planet. In fact, 100% of ConservingNow’s sponsorship proceeds are put toward funding classroom kits, which provide teachers with comprehensive classroom resources. ConservingNow’s classroom kits are filled with lesson plans, activities and field trip ideas; as well as provide students with take-home items for their parents, including complimentary products designed to help their entire family remember to bring their reusable bags.

The company’s web site,, is a place where eco-minded individuals, municipalities and corporations can learn from one another’s environmental initiatives. also offers daily news, environmental newsletters, tips for greener living, and products that support its reminder initiative. continues to grow weekly, with over 175,000 members, including thousands of Facebook fans.

ConservingNow’s teacher kits, family educational materials and unique reminder products – along with its free ‘Bring Your Own Bag’ static window clings – have been a major success, fostering the company’s mission to promote, teach, and provide tools to better the environment.

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