Selling your Tech Company? Get the M&A Education you Need Now!

Helsinki "Selling Up Selling Out", 6 March

Selling your software, IT or related technology company is the most important transaction of your life, but also the most complicated. Done right, you will generate wealth for generations. Done wrong, it could be a deal disaster. Are you ready?

Do you know how to properly prepare, position, research, value and negotiate for maximum price and tax optimized structure? Do you know the new buyers, how to get their attention, what they pay a premium for? Are you ready for the due diligence minefield? If not, you will fail. Get the real world knowledge you need now to "sell up" into a strategic alliance, investment or recapitalization, or "sell out" through a merger, asset or stock sale at "Selling Up, Selling Out". Join us for this half day executive seminar for CEOs, owners, investors and buyers, co-sponsored by Fondia Oy at their offices in Helsinki on 6 March:

Agenda Highlights:

* Profiting From Preparation
* Optimal Outcome Process
* Buyers: Brave New World
* Positioning For Price
* Valuation Models Now
* Tax Optimization Today
* Structuring For Success
* Strategizing Negotiation
* Contracts, Contracts, etc.
* Due Diligence Landmines
* Mapping Your Integration

Event Details
Date: Wednesday, March 6
Time: 14:00 - 18:00
Location: Fondia Oy
Lönnrotinkatu 5 ,PL 4
F-00101 Helsinki

Record cash, disruptive change, aggressive new buyers, and rising valuations are making this the best time to sell in a decade. Many owners are taking advantage--but are you ready? Unfortunately, most self-managed M&A efforts will be unsuccessful, draining management and the company. You don't know what you don't know, and handling your first merger is not the time to learn. Having spent many long years building your company, invest a few short hours to learn how to handle the exit properly. It's so important. Attend the industry's definitive M&A education, taught by the world's most experienced merger professionals. Since 1990, more tech owners, investors, buyers and executives have attended "Selling Up, Selling Out" than all other such conferences combined. Helsinki:

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About Us

Corum has sold more privately held software, IT and related technology companies than anyone in the world in the last 30 years. Corum has done this by utilizing a team approach to each engagement, led by the industry’s top dealmakers, themselves former CEO’s and owners of tech companies. These executives have the highest success rate in the industry, having generated over €7 billion in client wealth.



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