Croisette starts Croisette Denmark ApS

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Croisette Real Estate Partner has had a high growth rate since the start in 2015. A pace that during the first four years operating in the industry resulted in a growth rate of 781% and winner of Årets Gasell in Skåne 2020. Today, Croisette has 60 employees, 6 business areas, and 6 offices, of which five in Sweden and one in Reykjavik, Iceland. The long-term goal for Croisette is to be at an annual growth rate of 100%. Now Croisette is investing further in continued global growth and taking the next step - across the bridge and starting companies in Denmark.

“Denmark has been under our surveillance for a long time, partly because we believe that the local market is in great need of competition and innovation, but also to bridge the gap between Denmark and Sweden. We are looking forward to being the player that makes the countries one region, something that has been fought for a long time on various fronts", says CEO Per Svensson, Croisette Real Estate Partner.

Croisette opened its first international office in December 2020, then in Reykjavik, Iceland. When established in Iceland, Croisette had the advantage of having already found a Managing Director for the office, Styrmir Karlsson, even before starting the company. In establishing an office in Denmark, Croisette has had to do it differently, and adapt the process in the other direction: start-up of the danish company first, followed by recruitment of Managing Director Denmark.

"The conditions around the world have meant that we have had to take a slightly different path, I had intended to be present and monitor the market and meet relevant people, but since we are sure that Denmark is our third country, it was just as good to start from the other direction. So, we have formed a company and are working to find our Managing Director for the national company Croisette Denmark ApS and with that, create the new, expansive and innovative real estate advisor in Denmark", CEO Per Svensson, Croisette Real Estate Partner continues.

The search for a Managing Director Denmark is thus in full swing. Probably, Croisette lands the recruitment with the help of a Danish recruitment company, where dialogue is conducted with a handful of firms this very minute. Croisette has big plans for Croisette Denmark, with an initial goal of having an office in place after the summer of 2021.

"We look forward to being a handful of employees before the end of the year, then we expect to follow our long-term growth plan thereafter", says CEO Per Svensson, Croisette Real Estate Partner.

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Croisette Real Estate Partner is the most expansive and innovative advisory in the Swedish property industry, and we represent the most progressive clients in the industry. Our dedicated team offers qualified and sustainable advisory in transactions, valuation and analysis, leasing, human capital, property asset management and insurace advisory. With offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Halmstad and Uppsala, Croisette covers the entire Swedish market and Reykjavik, Iceland.