Bestinvest World Golf Croquet Championship to take place in July

The Bestinvest World Golf Croquet Championship will take place between 18 – 24 July 2011 at the Hurlingham and Surbiton Croquet Clubs.

The event will draw the top 64 players aged from under 18 to over 60 from more than 15 countries. The winner will need to be able to consistently hit another croquet ball over 20 yards distant and run through hoops set less than 1/16 of an inch wider than the balls. All players will need on occasion to make jump shots, sometimes to clear another ball more than 10 yards away.  To see this in action, look at :

Golf Croquet, which is a newer form of croquet, is enjoying a surge of interest around the world, partly because it has simpler rules and is more interactive (each turn is just a single stroke). However, it requires a similar level of accuracy and tactical awareness. The first player to run through a hoop is awarded a point and there are no extra turns. A game is usually won by the first player to gain seven points. In this tournament most matches will be played on a best of three games basis.

The reigning world champion is Ahmed Nasr from Egypt, who has won the event twice.  Egypt excels as Golf Croquet and all the world champions to date have been Egyptian, however, there will be serious competition from other countries to wrest the title from them.

The website for the event is:


Note to Editors:

1.  Full press facilities will be available at each event.

2. Croquet is a sport which is enjoyed by men and women on equal terms from their teens until well into retirement. 

3.  As a sport, croquet is gently thriving in the UK, with more than 170 clubs in England and Wales and new clubs are being set up each year.

3. The Croquet Association was founded in 1897 and is the oldest croquet governing body in the world. Croquet in England receives no public funding of any kind.

For further information contact:  Elizabeth Larsson, The Croquet Association, 01242 242318,, or 07946 440128

Phone: 01242 242318 or 07946 440128