PR Mavens Raising the Bar in San Francisco

Claudia Castillo Ross and Tiffany Rose Cummins are setting the standard for luxury lifestyle PR

San Francisco, California – January 21, 2016 – Cross Marketing PR, known in San Francisco and beyond as a top boutique luxury lifestyle firm, has been changing the way public relations operates. The partners behind the firm, Claudia Castillo Ross and Tiffany Rose Cummins – both working mothers – have been handling high profile clients ranging from nationally recognized fashion lines and fitness studios to feature films and major corporations, and more while balancing their own busy lives.

Setting a new bar for both the typical “PR Girl” and working mothers, Ross and Cummins successfully manage their busy personal lives and an ever-growing firm with ease and style to match. The pair work on their own schedules, booking interviews and events for clients on the way to and from their children’s classes football games.

For Ross, it all comes down to timing: “I don’t work less, just more efficiently.” Cummins continues, “It’s definitely a balancing act but it all seems to work seamlessly –It’s truly amazing to be at home with your kids while doing the work you’re passionate about.”

Their seemingly effortless landing of feature stories in the Wall Street Journal, C Magazine, California Cottages and Gardens, the San Francisco Chronicle, and more stems from their drive and a combined forty years of expertise. Ross started Cross Marketing PR after working as the Northwest Advertising Director for Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire. Cummins joined in 2014, having been a publicist for Sony Pictures with McCann Erickson and started her own successful firm in Chicago, TRC & Associates.

Cross Marketing PR, and subsequently Ross and Cummins, have become known for having the best connections and the deepest understanding of the current pulse of fashion and style. Their partnership has been the backbone of the 11-year-old firm for the last two years and both Ross and Cummins are looking forward to further growth in 2016.

About Cross Marketing PR:Cross Marketing PR was founded in 2005 to provide marketing and public relations services for various types of clients including fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, retail, high-profile individuals, high-tech, and non-profit organizations. Recognized by many of its clients, peers and media partners as a necessary marketing partnership, Cross helps in the launching brands, execution of events and develops the necessary tools to make the connection with our client’s target customers through advertising, special events, marketing, social networking and philanthropy.


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Claudia Castillo Ross and Tiffany Rose Cummins setting the standard for luxury lifestyle PR
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Cross Marketing PR has been changing the way public relations operates.
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