For a company providing pharmaceutical products containing cannabis and cannabinoids, this initiative is very satisfactory as it 'eases' the regulatory situation and shows a form of market acceptance. We hope that Germany will mark the starting point for further legislation processes in Europe. These legislations are of great importance and can have potential effects on the operations of CS MEDICA. The effects are not only connected to the market growth of our current product portfolio but also the upcoming dispenser product line. Legislations like these symbolize a sense of acceptance for our industry and we are glad that the market trends are moving in the right direction.
CEO CS MEDICA A/S, Lone Henriksen
We are glad that the Danish Parliament has expressed their support for the cannabis industry in Denmark. This regulation reflects positively on our business as these regulatory reforms will increase the awareness of medical cannabis and hopefully allow the industry to grow even more. We feel confident that this news will have a positive impact on the industry and market in which we operate while also decreasing a risk factor for our company.
Lone Henriksen, CEO of CS MEDICA
We are experiencing great interest in our product portfolio. However, following the clinical delays in India, we are delayed in negotiations with a potential customer. We expect to finalize the agreement in 2022. However, as a result, we will not achieve our financial target for the fiscal year 2020/2021. Instead, the expected agreement will have a positive impact on the results for 2021/2022. We see no reason to revise our future objectives”, comments Lone Henriksen, CEO of CS MEDICA.
Lone Henriksen, CEO CS MEDICA A/S
As this is our first order by a private label customer, we are very excited. This agreement signifies the potential for further advances in the private label field and further follows our communicated financial expectations for our business.
Lone Henriksen, CEO CS MEDICA A/S
“The intermediate study results mark an important step for CS MEDICA and continues or strong track record for delivering impactful products. We are proud to share these results as the trial shows that the CANNASEN®CBD Arthritis Gel is proving to be both safe and efficient for patients.”
Lone Henriksen, CEO CS MEDICA A/S
“I am proud to announce that the issue of units prior to our listing was oversubscribed. The strong interest in our business strengthens us as we proceed with our work. I want to welcome the new shareholders on board as we move towards the listing on Spotlight Stock Market and onwards, continuously scaling the business while entering new markets and growing our product portfolio.”
CEO, Lone Henriksen
"We are happy to be approved for listing on Spotlight Stock Market. Our vision as a public company is to improve the wide public's life quality by offering effective and safe treatment solutions. We aim to be in constant development, exploring how CS MEDICA can support patients in their battle against disease, pain, and the sorrow it brings. The listing and forthcoming IPO are important steps for CS MEDICA as we continue with our work to reach our targets for the operation, primarily focusing on advancing across the European market, and continuing our research, and development activities. Moving ahead, we want to further our advancements working with carefully selected partners to establish our CANNASEN® product lines across European borders.”
Lone Henriksen, CEO CS MEDICA A/S
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