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  • CTEK and Soolutions announce collaborative partnership to supply complete EV charging solutions in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany

CTEK and Soolutions announce collaborative partnership to supply complete EV charging solutions in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany

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CTEK, the leading global brand in vehicle charging solutions, and Soolutions, supplier of Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging products and solutions, have announced a collaborative partnership to support the rapid electrification of cars, and meet the ever-growing demand for EV charging solutions. 

Research by CTEK shows that whilst there are a large percentage of EV owners that prefer to charge their car at home (36%), there is also a shift towards destination charging at work (22%), public charging stations (17%) and in parking garages (9%), highlighting the need to install charging solutions in many different locations. This exciting partnership between CTEK and Soolutions offers to the market a complete EV charging solution, and if required installation, from individual home use up to larger commercial and public EV infrastructure.

Soolutions offers a wide range of EV charging stations, backed up by a comprehensive installer network, to provide end-to-end solutions for EV drivers looking to purchase and install an EV charger. A specially developed ‘Charge Configurator’, enables customers to select the right charge station quickly and easily, tailored to their personal needs. The customer has access to a wide network of local and national installers, for a professional and safe installation.

The CTEK range provides Soolutions customers with a flexible range of single and dual outlet products, that are easy to install and maintain and have the added benefit of open integration, making them compatible with all third-party payment and monitoring systems. CTEK’s market-leading load-balancing and monitoring solutions can also provide a complete end-to-end solution for even the largest EV networks that is easy to deliver and manage. The partnership is proving to be successful with the first CTEK installations already complete.

In addition, CTEK is also supplying to Soolutions Enterprise customers, a dedicated service for car dealers, lease companies and home-owner associations. The Charge Configurator is delivered as a white label solution, offering additional EV services. Soolutions supports its Enterprise Solutions customers by taking responsibility for delivery and installation, so that these important customers can continue to focus on their core activities.

Joury de Reuver, CEO and founder of Soolutions said “CTEK's premium range of products fit perfectly into our product portfolio. We were keen to add a high-quality charger to our range, to meet the increasing demands of our customers. We felt that CTEK really understood the needs of our customers, supplying quality chargers that can also be configured with, amongst other things, load balancing and app control. In addition, we know that CTEK is firmly focused on research and development, continuously working on new products and innovations, so that we can provide our customers with the latest technologies in the field of EV charging, now and into the future.”

For more information and sales, visit www.soolutions.shop and for enterprise solutions, visit www.soolutions.company

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