Lufthansa Technik signed a Letter of Intent with CTT Systems for Zonal Comfort TM System aimed for Boeing NetJets BBJ ai

Lufthansa Technik signed a Letter of Intent with CTT Systems for Zonal TM Comfort System aimed for Boeing NetJets BBJ aircraft. Lufthansa Technik have signed a Letter of Intent with CTT Systems Zonal TM Comfort System to be installed in Boeing NetJets fleet of Boeing Business Jet - BBJ. The order to equip 10 BBJ aircraft with the Zonal TM Comfort System also includes an option for additional 20 BBJ aircraft. First installation is planned for January 2001 with remaining installation to be completed on or before year 2002. TM The Zonal Comfort System from CTT will offer an increased humidity level in the cabin and cock-pit at the same time as condensation is TM prevented by using the Zonal Drying System. "This is a major breakthrough for our new total moisture management system - TM Zonal Comfort System. It is clear for us that passenger comfort related to increased humidity is now on the agenda. Furthermore we are delighted to team up with Lufthansa Technik to provide a complete moisture management for the Boeing NetJets BBJ aircraft", comments CTT Systems AB President Mr. Torbjörn Johansson the LoI. TM - "The Zonal Comfort System is a Technology Step in combining the two systems from CTT, dehumidification in order to protect the aircraft and humidification in order to provide comfort for our customer and their crew", comments Lufthansa Technik AG, Senior Manager Product Management and Product Development Dr. Johannes Bussmann, the Loi. TM The CTT Zonal Drying System is designed to combat problems related to water condensation in the thermal and acoustic insulation of modern passenger aircraft. Airlines encountering "rain-in-the-plane" syndrome and other difficulties related to moisture accumulation in their TM insulation blankets can use the Zonal Drying System to mitigate these problems, reduce maintenance costs by increasing the service life of the insulation and realize significant fuel savings by eliminating the non-revenue weight of the accumulated water condensate. By keeping dry the area between the interior trim panels and the aircraft skin, the Zonal TM Drying System also reduces corrosion and the risk of failure of electronic systems and wiring. TM With the Zonal Comfort System, which is based upon the evaporative cooling technique, CTT System is now able to provide the industry with a complete moisture management system. The system is offering an increased humidity for passengers and crew, in particular on long haul flights, at TM the same time as condensation is prevented with the Zonal Drying System. TM To date, CTT have the following customers for their Zonal Drying system: Martinair for B767-300 and MD11 Jet Aviation for Executive aircraft's B767-200, B757-200 and Boeing Business Jet KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for MD11 and B767 Austrian Airlines for MD80 LTU for Airbus A330 Raytheon Systems Company regarding NASA/DLR SOFIA-project (Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy) Swissair for MD11 SAS regarding Moisture Management System for Boeing B767 Leading European operator for Canadair Regional Jet - CRJ (undisclosed operator) STERLING EUROPEAN AIRLINES for Boeing B737-800 (Next Generation) CTT Systems AB is located in Nyköping, Sweden and listed on the OM Stockholm Exchange AB O-list in Stockholm. For further information please contact: Torbjörn Johansson or Dr. Johannes Bussmann President Senior Manager Product Management and CTT Systems AB Product Development Lufthansa Technik AG Phone: +46-155-284410 +49-(0)40-5070 5890 Fax:+46-155-290884 +49-(0)40-5070 3980 E- Web site: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: