Svenska Handelsbanken signs contract with Cyber Com

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Svenska Handelsbanken signs contract with Cyber Com Svenska Handelsbanken and Cyber Com signed a partnership agreement for implementation of a consortium-sponsored service called Bankernas ID- tjänst. The contract is valid until 1 July 2004. Handelsbanken is one of the prime movers behind a new Internet-based service called Bankernas ID-tjänst. A consortium of Swedish banks will share the service, which involves electronic identification and signatures and a common infrastructure. The result? Companies, authorities, and other organisations acquire a secure solution that enables more and better services for their customers and clients. For example, through Bankernas ID-tjänst, users can sign legally binding contracts. These banks form the consortium: Handelsbanken, Föreningssparbanken, Ikanobanken, Skandiabanken, and Östgötabanken. Together, they are the obvious suppliers of the new Bankernas ID-tjänst. Right now, about two million customers do their banking via the consortium members' Internet banks. When Bankernas ID-tjänst is implemented, customers will have opportunities for secure B2B-B2C communications and e-business transactions. Handelsbanken commissioned three partners to implement Bankernas ID-tjänst. Cyber Com, which is one of the three suppliers, will integrate Bankernas ID-tjänst with participating companies, authorities, and organisations. "Implementation of Bankernas ID-tjänst is a critical success factor for Handelsbanken, which has a decentralised organisation that focuses on offering professional services and on maintaining long-term customer relations," says Tibor Havas, senior vice president, Svenska Handelsbanken. "To succeed in serving existing business and public- sector customers and in cultivating potential customers, Handelsbanken commissioned Cyber Com to help enable the best possible support for electronic identification services." "We're delighted about the contract," says Mats Alders at Cyber Com. "Handelbanken's selection of Cyber Com as one of its integration partners signals its recognition of us as a highly skilled financial services supplier. We strongly believe in Bankernas ID-tjänst that will create totally new business opportunities for the banks and their customers. That we can jointly develop future business is extremely stimulating." For more information, contact: Mats Alders president and CEO, Cyber Com, +46 70-725 3200. Tibor Havas, senior vice president, Svenska Handelsbanken, +46 70 - 6608565. Find out more, check out Cyber Com is an IT consulting company that focuses on strengthening its customers' operations by delivering IT solutions that generate more business for its customers. The company offers expertise in telecom, financial services, and life sciences. Cyber Com was launched in 1995; since 1999, it has been listed on the Stockholm stock exchange's O list (Stockholmsbörsen). The company is financially sound. In 2001, Cyber Com turned over SEK 396.2 million. The company currently employs about 300 people (an average of 12 years' consulting experience), who in a creative, stimulating milieu, add value in the form of professionalism, experience, customer relations, and the results that they deliver. Cyber Com has operations throughout Europe and offices in Denmark, Sweden, and the UK. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: