Cycore announces Cult3D® Exporter for Discreet's plasma(TM) 3D Software

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Cycore announces Cult3D® Exporter for Discreet's plasma(TM) 3D Software Cycore supports Discreet in broadening Web 3D user base UPPSALA, SWEDEN - August 29, 2002- Cycore, the market leader in interactive 3D for e-business today announced the worldwide availability of the Cult3D Exporter for Discreet's plasma software, making Web 3D content creation more affordable and accessible to a broadening user base. plasma, the professional Web 3D design tool from Discreet, enables artists and designers to develop riveting web content, including advanced web UI and navigation elements. The Cult3D Exporter for plasma allows users to easily export plasma models directly to Cult3D Designer where interactivity and functionality can be added for instant publication on the Web or electronic documentation. "Discreet is thrilled that Cycore continues to add value to our leading design and digital content software solutions by providing a Cult3D Exporter for plasma that will expand our customer's ability to bring 3D to the Web," said Dan Prochazka, product manager, Discreet animation products group. "With 3D web design interest soaring in the industry, Discreet is pleased to partner with industry leaders like Cycore who ensure Web designers and digital content creators have access to affordable, high-quality software solutions that bridge the gap between 3D animation and Web design." Cycore develops and markets graphics software that enables the creation and viewing of fully interactive, high-quality 3D objects and animations primarily for use on the Web, in Microsoft Office® programs such as PowerPoint®, and in Adobe Acrobat® documents. Cult3D Exporter for Discreet plasma helps turn plasma models into Web- ready interactive 3D presentations. Discreet's plasma software allows web animators who have traditionally had to create 3D images in 2D applications, to now work directly in a 3D space to efficiently create complex high-quality visuals. This simplified working environment can now be extended to Cult3D Designer. With its easy to use drag and drop interface, designers can add advanced interactivity and functionality in Cult3D Designer and output high-quality 3D objects and scenes directly to the Web. "Discreet's release of plasma software is proof positive of its growing commitment to the Web 3D industry," said Jerry Pettersson, CTO, Cycore. "The launch of a user-friendly and affordable software solution from an industry giant like Discreet is breaking down barriers to entry and will rapidly expand the Web 3D user base. Our launch of a Cult3D Exporter for this newest 3D software from the Discreet division of Autodesk, Inc. was a natural step for Cycore towards providing users of both Cult3D and Discreet's products with enhanced capabilities through this powerful software combination." Released today, the new and improved Cult3D Designer 5.3 features support for 3D stereo with ColorCode 3D(TM) technology where designers can add further depth and perspective to Cult3D's visual and interactive realism with ease. Cult3D with stereo images can be viewed with low-cost paper and plastic glasses, adding a powerful and attractive dimension to Cult3D objects. Collision detection, progressive antialiasing, virtual walkthrough capabilities and extended Java API are just a few of the many features available with this release. To download the Cycore Cult3D Exporter for Discreet's plasma software and Cult3D Designer 5.3, please visit For licensing information, please contact Discreet plasma software is available for purchase for the SRP of US $650.00 (on the discreet estore: in North America. Visit Discreet at: or call 800-869-3504 or 514- 393-1616 for more information on plasma software and other Discreet products. About Discreet Discreet empowers moving media professionals to realize the visual experience, transforming their most evocative and ambitious visions into reality. Its range of award-winning systems and software is developed for digital media creation, management and delivery-across all disciplines from visual effects and editing to animation, game development, web and interactive. Discreet is based in Montreal, Quebec and is a division of Autodesk, Inc, the world's leading design and digital media creation, management, and distribution company. Product and corporate information is located on the Internet at About Cycore Cycore is the market leader in interactive 3D software for e-business. Cycore Cult3D® software is an award winning product visualization technology used on websites, in Microsoft Office® documents and in Adobe Acrobat® files, to help e-businesses increase online sales, enhance sales presentations and improve customer service. More than 400 brand name companies, including CNN, Fiat, Longines, Nokia, Sony and Toyota use Cult3D. To date the number of Cult3D viewer downloads exceeds 14 million. The company was founded and maintains headquarters in Sweden, with offices in North America, France and Germany. Sales for 2001 exceeded 21.9 million SEK. For further information please visit . For editorial information, please contact Jennifer Arsenault, 416-408-0081, ### Cult3D is a registered trademark of Cycore. 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