Dacke Industri acquires Dynalyse AB

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Dacke Industri acquires 100 % of Dynalyse AB.  The acquisition of Dynalyse AB will offer opportunities in a worldwide market and provide Dacke Industri with access to a sound business within product quality measurements in process lines and related areas. Over the years Dynalyse has, with own products and through the help of selected partners, built up a strong and global customer base. During its 25 years long history the company has sold a substantial number of systems and solutions where knowledge and quality have been crucial to the success and continued trust by the customers.

 ”Dynalyse has thanks to focus on quality, partnership and long term profitability, the core values that we value highly in Dacke Industri, successfully built their business. We are very pleased to welcome Dynalyse to our group” says Lars Fredin, CEO and president of Dacke Industri AB.

Mikael Perstorper, CEO of Dynalyse AB:
”We really look forward to working with Dacke to develop the business further, both commercially and technically. Now Dynalyse's opportunities to develop new innovative measurement systems expand internationally and work with more types of process industries are increasing.”

About Dynalyse AB
Dynalyse AB, with 6 employees and situated in Partille outside of Gothenburg, develops, manufactures and sells innovative measurement systems to process industries. Dynalyse started in 1995, as a seed company from Chalmers University of Technology, with a revolutionary solution for quality sorting of structural timber through vibration measurement. This technology is now dominant in the sawmill industry for strength grading.

Dynalyse currently offers several types of measurement systems and the customers in 12 different countries are managed either directly or through partners. The company’s focus is to provide cost effective and highly technological measurement systems for demanding applications. Dynalyse works continuously to maintain long-term relationships with its customers, to offer robust and sustainable products and to continually develop and market these.

Lowe Fällmar
VP Acquisitions and Business Development
+46 70 641 07 31

Dacke Industri is a long-term owner who invests in innovative technology companies focusing on customized components and systems. We add industrial know-how, a strong network and maintain an entrepreneurial environment in our companies. The companies have a very high degree of autonomy and we follow a decentralized model.

Dacke Industri is typically the sole or majority shareholder of the acquired companies. As a long term owner we act with clarity, provide industry knowledge, experience and put trust in our companies’ ability to drive a positive and sustainable development.