DanCann Pharma A/S informs about the outcome of the TO1

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark, 21 September 2021 - DanCann Pharma A/S (SS: DANCAN) (“DanCann Pharma” or the “Company”) hereby today informs, that the period for exercising warrants of series TO1 for subscription of shares in DanCann Pharma ended Friday (17 September 2021). In total, 0 TO1 was used for subscription, implying a utilization rate of 0 percent. The subscription price was DKK 6.00 / share, which exceeded the share price, which as of Friday's closing price was DKK 3.855 / share.

CEO of DanCann Pharma, Jeppe Krog Rasmussen, comments:- As expected, the outcome of the warrants was in line with what we had expected. However, the Board of Directors and the Executive Management team views the Company's future and development positively, where through financial contributions during the summer we feel confident to be able to carry out planned activities in the future.


About DanCann Pharma

DanCann Pharma A/S (SS: DANCAN) was founded in 2018 and is a Danish biopharmaceutical Company powered by cannabinoids. DanCann Pharma is a vertically integrated, licensed production and distribution Company based in Denmark. The Company focuses on discovering, developing, manufacturing, and commercializing new therapeutic cannabinoids in a wide range of disease areas.

DanCann Pharma A/S (SS: DANCAN) is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market in Copenhagen.
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Jeppe Krog Rasmussen, CEO
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