Danish Cold War Hot Spots Open to the Public

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The Danish Agency for Culture has designated 25 sites in Denmark to help tell the story of the Cold War. These areas, which include once top-secret bunkers, radar stations and airstrips, will now be made more accessible to visitors.

25 Cold War sites will now help tell the story of the military and civil defence of Denmark during the Cold War – an incandescent period in history in which a close eye was kept on the Soviet Union and its Communist East European neighbours in the Warsaw Pact.

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The plan is for the Danish Agency for Culture to collaborate in the years to come with owners, municipalities, and local museums to provide the public with a better understanding of the role these sites played during the Cold War.

Visit Stevnsfort - one of the 25 designated Cold War sites.

More information:
Senior Adviser, Morten Stenak, The Danish Agency for Culture, phone +45 33 74 51 21 mst@kulturstyrelsen.dk
Press officer, Peter Kronsted, The Danish Agency for Culture, phone +45 33 74 51 15 pkr@kulturstyrelsen.dk





We would like to help preserve these sites and make their significance more well-known. The Cold War is an essential source for understanding the development of Danish society after the Second World War
Anne Mette Rahbæk, director from The Danish Agency for Culture