Los Angeles DUI Attorney, David Yadidi, has Launched a New Website

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (September, 2011) – Los Angeles DUI attorney David Yadidi has recently launched a new, informative website filled with tips about how to fight DUI in Los Angeles. Anyone who has been charged with a DUI in Los Angeles and is seeking to beat it will find Mr. Yadidi's new site extremely helpful. Mr. Yadidi’s new website educates drivers about DUI charges, the penalties entailing a DUI conviction and how DUI charges can be contested in a court of law.

DUI charges carry with them serious consequences. At the very least, motorists charged with a DUI face serious fines and can potentially lose their license. At worst, if someone was injured in an auto accident and the driver responsible was charged with a DUI, that driver might face jail time. Anyone facing a DUI charge is legally entitled to contest the charges in court.

David Yadidi, DUI Lawyer Los Angeles

David Yadidi, DUI lawyer in Los Angeles, has focused his practice exclusively on DUI charges. Several years of experience assisting clients in fighting DUI charges has given Mr. Yadidi a comprehensive knowledge of these cases and how to beat DUI in Los Angeles.

David Yadidi’s new website provides comprehensive information about DUI cases and the circumstances under which a DUI charge can be dropped, or at least reduced to a less serious charge. There are many instances in which mistakes can be made in a DUI charge, from mistakes made by the police officers to inaccuracy in the tests and devices used to detect blood alcohol level. An average person might not be aware of these circumstances, but a competent attorney with experience fighting DUI charges would be able to uncover these inaccuracies and assist clients in contesting the charges against them, keeping their driver’s license and avoiding fines and other harsh penalties of a DUI conviction.

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As Mr. Yadidi's website points out, there are a number of ways to
fight DUI charges. Visit his website, http://www.duilalawyer.com, today to learn more about DUI charges and various penalties of a DUI conviction, and find out about the services provided at Mr. Yadidi's firm. You can also call (800) 393-9529 for more information.

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