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  • Annual Report 2020: For DecideAct, 2020 was all about preparing for future growth, and the company is on track

Annual Report 2020: For DecideAct, 2020 was all about preparing for future growth, and the company is on track

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DecideAct’s Annual Report for the period January 1 to December 31, 2020 was approved by the Board of Directors today.  The DecideAct Annual Report 2020 is attached to this release and can be read here: https://www.decideact.net/download/1710/

DecideAct A/S [ACT]
Company Announcement No. 7-2021:
28 March 2021


For DecideAct, 2020 was all about transformation, particularly in these three areas:

  • Launching a new, even more robust version of the product
  • Preparing the organization to support future growth and scaling
  • Initiating marketing and sales activities in Denmark, Canada and France
  • Securing funding/financing to realize the growth strategy.

In 2020, DecideAct prepared the organization to support future growth and secured financing to realize the growth strategy. A new version of the product and a new mobile app was launched. And the company completed two funding rounds in preparation for a very successful listing on Nasdaq First North in December 2020.

The IPO was a critical factor in securing funds to grow sales and expand the organization to handle them. It gave DecideAct the needed financial resources of 18,5 million DKK to pursue its vision.

  • While the proceeds from the IPO are expected to provide sufficient liquidity to execute on DecideAct’s growth strategy and by year-end 2020, the company had a cash reserve of 15,514,930 DKK and a total asset of 29,705,229 DKK.
  • In 2020, DecideAct invested 2,995,753 DKK to further develop the platform.
  • The year-end result is a loss of 6,620,645 DKK after tax—an expected result in the light of heavy investments in entering the Danish market, optimizing the organization and listing at Nasdaq First North.
  • In the second half of 2020, DecideAct initiated a number of marketing activities to be intensified throughout Q1. The product has been taken to the next level and an unparalleled, international sales force is developed.
  • These efforts are already paying off. In the first quarter of 2021, several new contracts and partner agreements in Denmark, France and Iceland has been signed.
  • DecideAct has entered new industries and grown the pipeline significantly.
  • Marketing and sales activities in France and Canada are initiated.
  • With the contracts already closed and those that are in prospect, DecideAct will be halfway to the 2021 target by the middle of Q2.

CEO and Co-founder of DecideAct, Flemming Videriksen states: “We see every reason for optimism. DecideAct is on track to reach the ARR of 9.5 million DKK by the end of 2021.


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DecideAct is a dedicated provider of solutions that move manual implementation and follow-up of strategy to a cloud-based Strategy Execution Management solution. By rethinking the way strategy is implemented, DecideAct has created a groundbreaking tool that can help companies and organizations achieve their strategic goals. “DecideAct’s vision is to modernize strategic leadership through technology.”