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  • DecideAct launches new ambitious plan to accelerate growth activities with planned investment of DKK 15 million

DecideAct launches new ambitious plan to accelerate growth activities with planned investment of DKK 15 million

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DecideAct’s executive management has today initiated a plan based on five major milestones: establishment of an inside sales team, enhanced customer success management, marketing automation, online conversion of sales including automated onboarding, and speeding up tech development.

DecideAct A/S [ACT]

Company Announcement No. 19-2021:

About DecideAct A/S [ACT]

DecideAct's current efforts to realize the vision of becoming a dominant player in the SEM category will now be supported by additional growth activities. These are contained in a comprehensive plan that will significantly increase the probability of realizing our growth target. To bring the ambitious plan to life, DecideAct will invest DKK 15 million targeted on activities accelerating growth with emphasis on five focus areas:

  1. Strengthen sales by establishing an inside sales team in addition to the current field sales activities
  2. Establish a Center of Excellence for Customer Success and SEM Expertise
  3. Grow lead generation significantly through marketing automation
  4. Develop and test online sales conversion and automated onboarding
  5. Strengthen the commercial position by speeding up development

Through the new plan DecideAct will significantly bolster its sales, marketing and communication efforts and speed up tech development to support the commercial position.

Dedicated growth hub

DecideAct´s organization is born global, and to maintain speed and focus the company will continue to execute existing plans with the current staff and organization. The new plan for accelerated growth activities is laid out in separate strategic focus areas and will be anchored in a dedicated growth hub. The right capabilities will be recruited to deliver on the plan's objectives.

Over the next two years the DecideAct team will be doubled by adding more than 20 new employees. The first steps to realize the plan will already be taken during August 2021.

The time is right

By 30 June DecideAct has realized an ARR of DKK 5.55 million equally to 58% of the ARR target of DKK 9.5 million by end of 2021. Through a private placement in July 2021, the company raised DKK 14.8 million. DecideAct has during the last 12 months proved that its SaaS solution is relevant for both private and public sector, in all industries, for organization of any size in the whole world. As a direct effect of this, DecideAct is now adding additional activities to accelerate growth.

CEO and Co-founder of DecideAct Flemming Videriksen states:

“We know that our vision is very ambitious, but we are convinced that we can bring it to life. The SEM category is beginning to move now, and in the future, there will be an elimination race among the most ambitious players in this field. Given that we are in possession of a very strong and highly competitive technical platform, combined with the necessary funds to fuel the additional growth activities, the time is right to seize the momentum we are experiencing in sales and put full turbo on our growth ambitions.”

This press release constitutes inside information that DecideAct A/S is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation 596/2014. The information was sent for publication, through the agency of the contact persons set out below, at the time stated by the Company's news distributor, Cision, at the publication of this press release.

Contact Information

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About DecideAct:

DecideAct is a provider of SaaS software and solutions that move manual execution and follow-up of strategy to a cloud-based Strategy Execution Management platform. By rethinking the way strategy is executed, DecideAct has created a groundbreaking tool that is relevant to all companies and organizations, public or private, in all industries, geographies, functional roles and their mission critical priorities related to achieving strategic goals. DecideAct’s vision is to modernize strategic leadership through technology.