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EAO, Dublin, Ireland, October 2013 – The digital implant dentistry area is growing rapidly and at EAO 2013, DENTSPLY Implants Digital Open Solutions presents a new treatment concept combining patient-specific ATLANTIS™ Abutment with SIMPLANT® computer guided implantology.

“Our focus on digital open solutions creates lots of interest among our customers. One example of our latest innovations is within SIMPLANT® 16, the next edition of this world-leading software for implant treatment support. We now present ‘Immediate Smile® featuring ATLANTIS™ Abutment’, a unique solution where at implant installation, in one single visit, the surgical guide, a patient specific ATLANTIS™ Abutment and a temporary restoration can be provided. Everything is planned, processed and produced in a seamless digital pathway. This results in an expedited treatment process with high quality, serving our customers in a very effective way and delivering satisfaction and comfort for the patients,” says Anders Holmén, DDS, Director Global Product Management, Digital Implant Solutions, DENTSPLY Implants.

Immediate Smile® featuring ATLANTIS™ Abutment
The SIMPLANT® computer guided implant treatment offer ranges from treatment planning and surgical guides to immediate restorative support and communication tools. With the introduction of the new digital treatment concept in SIMPLANT® 16, featuring ATLANTIS™ Abutment, clinicians can now provide patients with a fully individualized immediate restoration in one single visit. The ATLANTIS™ Abutment and temporary crown are delivered at implant installation and provide perfect conditions for individualized esthetics and healthy soft tissue.
This new solution is available for all major implant systems.

SIMPLANT® Team-Up! app
The new SIMPLANT® app for iPad®, called SIMPLANT Team-Up!, facilitates team communication on cases, allowing implant surgeons to easily team-up with their referring dentists, laboratories and colleagues to discuss implant planning, all in the safe environment of the SIMPLANT® Cloud.
The app is also a great tool to use when communicating with patients, reassuring and convincing them of the planned dental implant treatment.

Additional news in the ATLANTIS™ abutments portfolio

ATLANTIS™ Abutment Core File
This high-precision digital file of an ATLANTIS™ Abutment and all the scanned dentition delivers improved prerequisites for effective digitalized workflow, shortened turn-around time and precise fit of the crown.
ATLANTIS™ Scan Upload
This new, stand-alone application for lab-based scanning allows dental laboratories with open STL scanners to upload scans and order ATLANTIS™ abutments.

More news in the DENTSPLY Implants product portfolio

ANKYLOS® implant length 6.6 mm
Implant length 6.6 mm is now available for the ANKYLOS® Implant System. The shorter implant allows for better use of existing bone and may reduce the need for bone augmentation. The ANKYLOS 6.6 mm implant has the same unique friction-locked and keyed TissueCare Connection as all ANKYLOS

XiVE® Platform-Switch concept
Platform-Switch is a well-accepted treatment method to achieve improved preservation of crestal bone levels. The XiVE® Platform-Switch concept offers the opportunity to restore implants with diameter-reduced abutments. The platform-switching concept is designed to attain increased soft tissue volume, which contributes to long-term esthetic outcomes.

WeldOne™ concept
The new treatment concept WeldOne™, supporting immediate loading solutions, is announced. The technology is available for ANKYLOS® and XiVE® implant systems, and enables dental professionals to create temporary as well as durable restorations, reinforced by titanium frameworks welded directly in the mouth.

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