Miallegro® Provides Home Appliances to Aspiring Chefs on All Mixed Up™ on Lifetime

Miallegro® gives three student chefs in Reality-Based Cooking Show a set of home appliances

Pompano Beach, FL  (November 6, 2012) After a flavorful and successful season 1, home appliance brand Miallegro® will again take center stage in the kitchen of All Mixed Up™, a reality-based cooking series from the producers of the award-winning show Designing Spaces™ on Lifetime TV.

Hosted by culinary celebrity chef and TV personality, Ralph Pagano, the first episode of season 2 of All Mixed Up™ will air on Lifetime,  November 9th 7:30 am (ET/PT).

This first challenge draws viewers right into the heat of the kitchen where the three competing culinary students and aspiring chefs use Miallegro’s MiTutto® immersion hand blenders to create, mix, chop and whip up three different appetizers using ingredients from America’s well-known brands. The ingredients will not be revealed until moments before the appetizer competition begins.

Learning what ingredients they need to use, the chefs get to work and aspire to create a delicious, original and beautifully presented recipe that will impress the judges in 30 minutes -- and earn them enough gold stars to put them a cut above the rest to be crowned the winner of the Appetizer round.

The twists and challenges Pagano throws at the students really dials up the pressure in the kitchen. Will the diverse personalities of the student chefs mix well together or will it be a recipe for disaster?  Can the students rise to the culinary challenge? Tune in to All Mixed Up™ to find out on Friday, November 9th, November 16th, and November 23rdat 7:30 am on Lifetime Television.

With a brand mission to Inspire Joyful Family Moments, Miallegro®’s home appliances are designed to inspire cooks from beginners to advanced gourmets and to bring families together for special mealtime moments. Their high quality Italian-designed products are made to harmonize with a home’s surroundings and come in colors like blueberry and kiwi.

To learn more, please visit:  www.miallegro.com/us


About All Mixed Up™ on Lifetime Television

All Mixed Up™ is a half hour reality cooking show that combines the perfect mix of ingredients for food competition, food history and culinary adventure. The show is hosted by Ralph Pagano who is a world renowned chef and culinary celebrity. Three up and coming student chefs compete before a panel of judges by taking America’s favorite brands and turning them into three unique three course meals.  The chefs must complete an appetizer, entrée and a dessert in 30 minutes and will be judged on recipe originality, presentation and taste. Who will win the competition? And who will survive being All Mixed Up™?

For more information please visit us at:

www.designingspaces.tv or www.allmixedup.tv

About Miallegro®

Miallegro® brand is a new appliance manufacturer headquartered in Doral, Florida. Their products are attractively designed to help create joyful family moments at home.The MiTutto® Immersion hand blender is a high quality Immersion blender that has 5 speeds and fits comfortably in the hand. With 550 watts of power, it has the capabilities to perform well with hot, cold or frozen ingredients.  Alongside the MiTutto, they also make a Convection Toaster Over and Dehydrator, Arepa and Hamburger Slider Maker and Stylish Brushed Metal Tower Fan.   


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