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  • Detectify Recognized in External Attack Surface Management Landscape Report by Independent Research Firm

Detectify Recognized in External Attack Surface Management Landscape Report by Independent Research Firm

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STOCKHOLM and BOSTON – January 10, 2023 - Detectify, the External Attack Surface Management platform powered by elite ethical hackers, today announced it has been included in Forrester’s “External Attack Surface Management Landscape, Q1 2023” report.

External Attack Surface Management (EASM) of applications is the continuous practice of discovering and assessing Internet-facing assets and identifying vulnerabilities and risk. Mapping out the attack surface with EASM helps organizations understand where and to what degree their Internet-facing assets are exposed.

“We believe Forrester’s decision to publish its first landscape report on EASM is a milestone for this important and growing market segment. We are pleased they chose to include Detectify in this overview,” said Rickard Carlsson, CEO and Co-Founder, Detectify. “The market consolidation we’re seeing, with larger firms buying their way in, shows how serious the need for EASM is. While piecing together disparate technologies may give bigger firms more coverage, it greatly dilutes their focus. As one of the few standalone players in the market, we’re the best at what we do. We will continue to drive innovation within the EASM market to augment other solutions in the security tech stack.” 

Detectify believes buyers will continue to opt for standalone, best-in-class solutions, which is reflected in increased purchases of its EASM solution from 30% to 95% since 2020.

Detectify is unique in the EASM space because it tests environments with real payloads derived from its community of elite ethical hackers, yielding 99.7% accurate vulnerability assessments. Furthermore, many standalone solutions have been acquired by vendors that, due to their focus on Extended Detection and Response (XDR), are taking the EASM offerings in a different direction. Detectify remains focused on EASM for product and application security teams.

Detectify is also driving innovation across its EASM platform. In November, the company announced Attack Surface Custom Policies, a new tool allowing organizations to quickly and easily enforce custom security policies across the entire attack surface, delivering a customizable approach to EASM rather than the one-size-fits-all approach offered by many other vendors. The automated solution enables organizations to discover and maintain visibility into every IT asset and then set customizable policies for each based on various business conditions. Attack Surface Custom Policies uncovers violations of corporate policy and remediates critical vulnerabilities before they become exploitable.

For more information, visit www.detectify.com. For further information on what EASM is and isn’t, visit: www.detectify.com/resources/ebooks-whitepapers/external-attack-surface-management-what-it-is-and-isnt

Will Clark
fama PR for Detectify

Detectify sets the standard for External Attack Surface Management (EASM), providing 99.7% accurate vulnerability assessments. Product security and AppSec teams trust Detectify to expose exactly how attackers will exploit their Internet-facing applications. The Detectify platform automates continuous real-world, payload-based attacks crowdsourced through its global community of elite ethical hackers, exposing critical weaknesses before it’s too late. Go hack yourself: detectify.com.