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Deversify AB is a Swedish health tech company offering solutions for improved individual health and wellbeing. Following Deversify’s Annual General Meeting, a new Board of Directors has been appointed, the intention being for the Board to reflect the company's most recent developments and next priorities. Lena Söderström, professional Board Director, will be the new Chairman of the Board, consisting of Åsa Lang, CSO and Co-Founder at Deversify and Johan Willdeck, Head of M&A at Omegapoint. 

Lena Söderström has more than 30 years of experience in management positions from the life science sector, 15 of which as CEO, and several successful years as Chairman and Board Member of a broad range of companies. Deversify has this spring secured its first international VC investment from American LearnStart VC specialising in the development of global education technology companies. The investment will be used to continue building and strengthening Deversify and to support the company’s commercial strategy. The new Board of_Directors_mirrors_Deversify’s_increasingly_global_ambitions.

”Deversify’s purpose is to build and drive change within the emerging ecosystem of consumer health – one of the most exciting and important areas right now. I look forward to grow Deversify’s presence both here in Scandinavia and internationally”, says Lena Söderström, Chairman of the Board. 

”I am pleased to announce these news. The new Board and the investment from LearnStart VC are two important steps in taking Deversify to the next level. We are building a strong presence in Europe and see the US as an important future market.”, says CEO and Co-Founder Anders Murman.

About Deversify:

Deversify is a Swedish R&D company offering healthtech solutions for consumers. We develop and commercialise mobile electronic devices and apps to monitor biomarkers for individualised health, specialising in breathalysers. We also develop and provide education services regarding metabolic health and personalised nutrition.

Our vision is that everyone should understand their own health. Deversify’s goal is to be the leading provider of consumer health products for improved fact-based wellbeing globally.


Anders Murman, CEO

+46 70 546 50 62