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Deversify AB announced today that they have signed an agreement with Partner Fondkommission to act as Deversify’s financial advisor with a focus on Deversify’s planned fundraising 2021.

“Deversify has just entered a new strong growth phase, both in terms of the continuous commercial expansion of Deversify’s first product Acetrack in Europe but also with more products in the field of digital public health ready to be launched”, says Anders Murman, CEO and Co-Founder. Anders continues: “The fact that we, in these difficult times, can present Partner Fondkommission – with their well-documented deal flow and IPO experience – as a long-term financial partner is one of the largest milestones for the company to date.”

Joel Westerström, Partner at Partner Fondkommission says: “Deversify is an exciting company with a deep level of technical expertise covering both hardware and software for continuous health monitoring. We recognise that Acetrack – as well as coming products – have global scalability. With Deversify’s strong product portfolio we are confident that the conditions for investor involvement from our networks are excellent.”

About Partner Fondkommission:

Partner Fondkommission, PFK, is a Partner owned boutique investment bank with offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm, active within corporate finance, asset management and stockbroking. PFK is known for its discretion, effectiveness and creativity. PFK is a growing firm that managed over 500 MSEK worth of transactions in 2020.

About Deversify:

Deversify develops and commercialises mobile electronic devices and apps for monitoring of biomarkers for individualised health in new ways. Deversify is a Swedish research and development company founded in 2016, with the aim of being the leading provider of mobile health products for improved, fact-based well-being for users globally.

The first product, the acetone tracker Acetrack® which, in one exhalation, measures if the body is burning fat or not, was launched on the Swedish consumer market late 2018. Today it is also sold in Finland and Great Britain. The next product – also a breathalyser – concerns smoking cessation and is now in prototype format with a planned launch in 2021. Additional digital health products within the field of mobile ECG, for example, are currently under prototype development.

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Anders Murman

Founder & CEO

Om Deversify:

Deversify är ett svenskt R&D-företag som erbjuder tekniska lösningar inom området konsumenthälsa. Vi utvecklar och kommersialiserar mobila, elektroniska enheter och appar för mätning av biomarkörer för individuell hälsostatus. Våra produkter hjälper människor att förstå – och att förbättra – sin egen hälsa. Vårt uppdrag är att verka som en god motkraft mot dagens livsstilssjukdomar såsom övervikt, diabetes, beroendesjukdomar och hjärt- och kärlsjukdomar. Deversify fokuserar på växande konsumentmarknader som idag inom hälsoområdet värderas till över 50 miljarder SEK enbart i Europa och USA. Vår flaggskeppsprodukt, utandningsmätaren Acetrack®️, mäter om din kropp är i fettförbränningsläge och säljs till health tech-användare. Deversify är här för att hjälpa dig förstå din egen hälsa holistiskt – inifrån och ut – från ketoner till EKG.

About Deversify:

Deversify is a Swedish R&D company offering tech solutions in consumer health. We develop and commercialize mobile electronic devices and apps to monitor biomarkers for individualized health. Our products help people understand — and improve — their own health. Our mission is to act as a good force against today’s lifestyle diseases – such as obesity, diabetes, addictions, and cardiovascular disease. Deversify operates in growing consumer health markets which today in Europe and US alone are valued at over USD 5 billion. Our first product, the ketone breathalyzer Acetrack®️, measures if your body is burning fat and is currently sold to health-tech consumers. Deversify is here to help you understand your wellbeing holistically – inside and out, from ketones to ECG.