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  • GattyInstruments and Deversify receive Vinnova grant for study into the next generation of microsensors for breathalysers.

GattyInstruments and Deversify receive Vinnova grant for study into the next generation of microsensors for breathalysers.

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Vinnova, the Swedish Innovation Agency, has awarded GattyInstruments AB and Deversify AB a grant for a feasibility study into optimisation of breathalyser microsensors aimed at improving MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical System) size, speed and price.

Photo: GattyInstruments

“Vinnova has recognised the efforts of GattyInstruments and Deversify to improve human health through breath analysis. Understanding metabolic health is key to understanding human health overall. Deversify’s breathalyser Acetrack, with its global presence, is a pioneering product in this direction. This grant allows us to reinforce our close collaboration with the aim of creating the next generation of breath analysis devices”, says Hithesh Kumar Gatty, CEO, GattyInstruments AB.

"Indeed, this 50 000 USD first grant is tailored for companies working on deep tech semiconductor devices that lead to better healthcare through better products. MEMS tech is also the right choice for our climate – smaller size means lower energy consumption compared to existing sensors. Health monitoring via breathalysers will be revolutionised when we can make even faster, smaller and less expensive devices", says Anders Murman, CEO, Deversify.


Hithesh Kumar Gatty, CEO, GattyInstruments AB: info@gattyinstruments.com / +46 760 790 758 / Gattyinstruments.com

Sara Lindgren, CMO, Deversify: sara.lindgren@deversify.com / +44 7771 774 014 / deversify.com / getacetrack.com

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About Deversify:

Deversify is a Swedish R&D company offering health-tech solutions for consumers. We develop and commercialise mobile electronic devices and apps to monitor biomarkers for individualized health, specialising in breathalysers and personalised nutrition. Our vision is that everyone should understand their own health. Our first product, the ketone breathalyser Acetrack®, measures if your body is burning fat and is currently being sold in 8 European countries. Deversify’s goal is to be the leading provider of consumer health products for improved, fact-based well-being globally.

About GattyInstruments:

GattyInstruments is a Swedish semiconductor company working with deep technology devices. GattyInstruments, founded in 2018, develops microsensors and actuators using MEMS technology. The company is involved in sensor research and development for gas sensors, pressure sensors, and temperature sensors. In addition, the company offers multi-project wafer (MPW) runs on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrates. The company is actively involved in a collaboration on projects across the globe.