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Tomorrow, the 12th of October, is the Sugar Free Day. Many people eat too much sugar, although most people know that many lifestyle diseases are linked to excessive sugar intake. Tomorrow, the 12th of October is the Sugar Free Day, a physical event is organised at Epicenter in Stockholm, as well as the opportunity to participate digitally.

During the day, everyone is encouraged to be sugar-free. A try out day for some and for others, the start of a completely new lifestyle.

– Above all, we have to start eating real food, says Ewa Meurk who is the initiator of the Sugar Free Day, together with Babben Larsson and Bitten Jonsson. Ewa Meurk is also the founder of Elista, a part of Deversify, which organises the event.

We all know how strong the urge for something sweet can be, both in everyday life and when cosying up in front of the TV on Fridays. Usually, we give way to temptation and eat a bun at work, a bag of sweets in the evening and we don’t think about the amount of sugar in sweetened drinks. According to Ewa Meurk, it’s about us not eating enough nutritious food and therefore we crave sugar instead of being full and having plenty of energy.

What happens during the Sugar Free Day?

– We have an event at Epicenter in central Stockholm during the day with several interesting speakers on the topic. Among others, Babben Larsson talks about how she overcame her sugar addiction, she will appear both at our event and on TV4. Ann Fernholm, who runs Kostfonden (The Diet Fond) and is a science journalist, and Johannes Cullberg, who is one of Sweden’s biggest health inspirers on social media, will also be seen on our stage. You can follow all the speakers and activities via live streaming as well.

More info

To read more about the Sugar Free Day, visit, where you will also find tickets and which speakers are participating in the event.

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About Deversify:

Deversify is a Swedish R&D company offering healthtech solutions for consumers. We develop and commercialise mobile electronic devices and apps to monitor biomarkers for individualised health. Our vision is for everyone to understand their own health. We specialise in breathalysers and education about nutrition and metabolism. Deversify’s goal is to become the world’s leading provider of consumer health products for evidence-based wellness and improved public health.