DEVIregTM Touch – the reliable choice in floor heating thermostats now also in black

The elegant thermostat now comes in black in addition to the existing white casing.

Celebrating its first anniversary DEVIregTM Touch has quickly become one of the preferred floor heating timer thermostats in the market. Recognized for its energy efficiency, the intelligent timer thermostat can reduce energy consumption by up 20 per cent. The elegant thermostat now comes in black in addition to the existing white casing.

- The DEVIregTM Touch thermostat that we launched globally last year has quickly become popular among installers and end-users. Installers save time on installation and maintenance, while end-users appreciate the substantial energy savings obtained through very precise temperature control with DEVIregTM Touch, says Greg Tracy, UK Product Manager DEVI Electric Heating.

Research among home owners has revealed the importance of high energy efficiency in home heating solutions. DEVIregTM Touch outperforms market alternatives by up to 12 per cent in energy savings. The high energy efficiency is achieved through precise control of room temperature and special features like open window detection. Furthermore, the thermostat can be programmed to match a flexible day pattern matching modern work life and an easy-to-use “away function” that turns down the heat when the family is away from home.

New ‘Pure black’ colour introduced and easy to install anywhere

With its elegant design and the new ‘Pure black’ colour version, DEVIregTM Touch is even more attractive but still very discrete. The thermostat can be installed virtually anywhere due to the two-part construction that fits almost any electrical appliances frame system.

- You don’t have to be a wooden floor expert to install DEVIregTM Touch. The installation wizard takes you through every step, and in just 30 seconds the thermostat is up and running. It connects to eight different types of sensors and fits more than 25 different frame types, says Greg Tracy.

DEVIregTM Touch is highly reliable and requires no maintenance. Furthermore, it comes with the market’s best warranty and return policy.

Easy to use

DEVIregTM Touch has been developed in close dialogue with installers and end-users.

- Our involvement of installers and end-users led to the large touch screen display with clear icons and text that make it very intuitive to control the electrical heating system, says Greg Tracy.

For further information please contact:

Greg Tracy

UK Product Manager DEVI Electric Heating

Tel.: +44 8451 217400

Mobile: +44 7832 116522

Quick facts about DEVIregTM Touch

  • DEVIregTM Touch is a modern, programmable timer thermostat developed and sold by DEVI, world leading manufacturer of floor heating systems
  • DEVIregTM Touch features a Touch screen with intuitive and easy menu navigation in 26 languages (7 new languages are currently added in the Pure white version: Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, Hungarian, Serbian, Portuguese and Spanish)
  • We now have the new ‘Pure black’ and current ‘Pure white’ available and will launch a ‘Polar white’ version next
  • Documented energy savings of up to 12 per cent with DEVIregTM Touch due to the built-in energy savings features
  • Fully flexible timer program with a 15 minute time setting accuracy
  • Hassle free installation with almost any available frame system
  • Code system for remote trouble shooting
  • 5-year warranty and web based replacement service within 48 hours
  • The DEVI website offers a virtual DEVIregTM Touch, a 1:1 copy of the real thermostat
  • DEVI app available for tuition and code generation for troubleshooting

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