New generation heating cables from DEVI

DEVI launches next generation cables.

World leading electric floor and ground heating specialist DEVI launches next generation cables for indoor floor heating solutions. The new cables comply with the latest cable standards and come with 20 year warranty. The new cables can be installed down to minus 5 degrees Celsius, extending the season considerably.

- The efficiency, reliability and safety of any floor heating solution lie in the quality of the cables. Based on design and manufacture of electric heating cables for over 50 years, DEVI has now come up with a new, leading-edge cable programme matching any indoor application, says Vice President Jacob Madsen, Head of DEVI Electrical Heating Systems.

The new DEVIflex™ cable replaces the popular DTIP cable

Fast and easy installation

The new cables are round, sleek and highly flexible allowing fast and easy installation.

- The new cables have been designed in collaboration with installers to make sure that they live up to the most important requirements on the building site. The materials used make the cables smooth and bendable with no curling during installation, says Jacob Madsen.

Safety comes first

The new cables from DEVI comply with the latest standards to provide full safety and reliability in any application.

- Safety first has always been the philosophy of DEVI. Our cables are fully screened and live up to the latest standards as regards fire resistance and general robustness for any purpose. Our 20 years warranty on all cables testifies to the quality and long life of DEVI cables, says Jacob Madsen.

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Facts about DEVIflexTM

  • DEVIflexTM is the new generation cables for indoor floor heating solutions, developed and sold by DEVI, world leading manufacturer of floor and ground heating systems
  • The new DEVIflexTM range replaces all existing DTIP cables
  • DEVIflexTM can be installed down to -5 degrees Celsius 
  • New round construction, sleek surface and no curling ensure fast and easy installation
  • Fully screened for full safety – IEC 60800:2009 certified; M2 classified
  • The cables come with DEVIwarranty TM giving 20 years of full warranty not only on the cables but also on the cost of installation and floor heating materials involved.
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