About Us

Our founders, husband and wife team Dick and Pauline Beijen, left their busy international lifestyles and moved to s smallholding on Dartmoor. They bought their flocks of sheep during the summer of 2008 as the first step into their idea of creating high quality, British made, natural and sustainable wool duvets. During the R&D stage, they began to speak to other local farmers about their wool, with the aim of supporting other British sheep farmers. After more than a year of development work, the latter part of which was filmed by Channel 4 with Monty Don in his series, 'My Dream Farm' Devon Duvets was born. We were the first UK company to make individually handcrafted British wool duvets, on our own premises. Our products are natural and sustainable, crafted on traditional and specialist sewing machines, with no element having been prefabricated on large 'roller' machines. Products and their Unique Points: Our collection of 100% British wool duvets, pillows and mattress toppers are individually handcrafted by skilled seamstresses in our Devon workshops. We use high grade 100% British wool that is cleaned in British mills without the use of chemicals, then needled into soft layers, to our exacting specification. When the wool arrives at our workshops, we encase it in individually hand cut cotton casings, made with 260 thread count 100% cotton fabric, made with cotton certified by Better Cotton. . Our wool only ever comes from Spring and Summer shearings and is traceable 100% British wool from lDevon and Southwest farmers, certified by British Wool. Wool is naturally resistant to dust mites and the build-up of micro bacteria and is therefore more hygienic as well as being excellent in helping to relieve the symptoms of allergies or asthma. We do not use bleach or chemical treatments on our wool, nor do we make our products with artificial bonding, synthetic fibres, inner linings or glues, in order to retain the natural quality of the wool. Wool also helps regulate the body temperature supporting a deeper and more peaceful sleeping experience. It can also help to alleviate interrupted sleep patterns as a result of menopausal 'night sweats'. The best way to feel refreshed is to have a good night's sleep and we are confident that our British wool soft bedding products help to achieve the best night's sleep ever. We also handcraft 100% plant-based duvets (our Botanic range), as well as our Limited Edition Alpaca wool duvets.