DGLegacy Announces the planned release of its global Digital Will

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BERLIN, June 23, 2021 – The secure document and password manager with digital inheritance, DGLegacy, announced the launch of its Digital Will planned for the end of 2021. 

Unclaimed digital and financial assets are reaching unprecedented levels of $100B in the USA and £77B in the UK. These are assets which stay in insurance companies, banks, cryptocurrency wallets, and asset management companies after their owners pass away, instead of reaching the rightful beneficiaries. 

DGLegacy enables people in the USA, the EU, and globally to connect their chosen beneficiaries with nominated assets so that family members are aware of the assets, which minimizes the chance of a missed claim. Through

DGLegacy, people can designate specific beneficiaries to each of their assets and decide whether they want the beneficiaries to be informed immediately or only in the case of an unforeseen event. This way, the beneficiaries are aware of the assets, can identify and locate them, and receive support in the process of claiming. 

With the launch of its Digital Will in 2021, DGLegacy will offer its users a new digital experience. People with a strong sense of responsibility towards their family will be able to:

  • easily create a legally binding will – anywhere, anytime

  • easily update the will when their asset catalogs or preferences change.

2021 is the right time to introduce this innovation to people with dynamic assets and give them a way to continuously update their inheritance preferences. Conventional methods of creating and maintaining a person’s will aren’t exactly accommodating in terms of speed and ease of use. DGLegacy’s Digital Will service is built to address those exact concerns – it’s dynamic, robust, and allows for seamless and easy management of a person’s digital will, keeping it continuously up to date based on the dynamic nature of the users’ preferences and the dynamic nature of their assets.The Digital Will offered by DGLegacy is extremely valuable for:

  • people who possess multiple asset types such as life insurance, pension funds, bank accounts, stocks, options, and company shares.

  • expats who have assets in multiple countries
  • employees of tech companies who often have stock options or RSUs residing in different asset management repositories.

DGLegacy’s Digital Will will be available in the USA and EU. To find out more about DGLegacy or its digital inheritance service, please visit www.dglegacy.com.



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DGLegacy, based in Berlin, Germany, is a secure document and password manager with a digital inheritance service.

Founded in 2020 by a family couple, the company’s mission, in times of uncertainty when an ever-increasing number of people are living a global lifestyle, building and owning complex multi-country assets of various types, is to make sure that in the event of anything unforeseen happening to asset owners, their loved ones should be able to easily identify and locate their assets so that they aren’t left high and dry and are able to maintain their standard of living. 

For more information, please visit www.dglegacy.com.