Diamorph AB (publ) - sale of the Company to funds under the management of Epiris

Based on requests of at least 90% of the Company’s shareholders, the board of the Company has been seeking a trade sale of the shares of the Company since May 2018. The process has been managed by Valentum Partners KB.

In November 2018, those shareholders exchanged contracts to sell their shares to funds under the management of Epiris, an institutional private equity fund manager based in the UK.  Completion is expected to occur on the 14th of March 2019.

Over 99% of shareholders have now signed up to the offer. Despite its best efforts, the Company has not been able to contact two shareholders. Any remaining shareholders who have not been in contact with Valentum/Diamorph to date should now make contact so that settlement can be arranged for the shares. If you have not previously been in contact with Valentum or the Company the board of Diamorph now seeks to make contact and advises agents/custodians and nominees to make contact with the relevant shareholders now. Please contact either:

Tomas Almgren (Valentum Partners)
E-mail: tomas.almgren@valentum.se
Telephone (direct): +46 8 41 200 406
Mobile phone: +46 704 500 369


Gordon MacLeman (CEO, Diamorph)
E-mail: gordon.macleman@tenmat.com
Telephone (direct): +44 161 955 2410
Mobile phone: +44 7583 014571

The Company and its directors are excited by this new chapter. Epiris plans to continue to grow the Diamorph business, by investing in group’s strengths in research and development and application engineering for the benefit of its customers.

Stockholm, 11 March 2019



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