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  • Continued studies with Pelvipharm to generate knowledge about treatment times, doses and Libiguin’s® mechanism of action

Continued studies with Pelvipharm to generate knowledge about treatment times, doses and Libiguin’s® mechanism of action

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Press release: Uppsala, October 12, 2020. As previously reported, Dicot has conducted the first study in collaboration with Pelvipharm SAS with tests in a model for erectile function in normal rats. Satisfactory results showed that treatment with Dicot's substance Libiguin® has a dose-dependent effect in these animals. Likewise, Sildenafil (Viagra), the reference compound routinely used in this model, displayed the expected effect on erectile functions of normal rats.

In this first study, the experimental animals were dosed in a similar way that was originally used in folk medicine use in Madagascar and which was also used in the previous preliminary animal experiments conducted by Dicot. The animals were treated with Libiguin® once a day for three days and 24 hours after the last dose, during day four, the effect on erectile function was measured.

In a new set of experiments planned together with Pelvipharm, additional testing in normal rats will be performed to investigate how Libiguin® should be administered (treatment time in relation to measuring effect on erectile function) to give the best effect. Also more doses will be evaluated to better understand the dose-exposure-effect relationship and the effect following long-term treatment of Libiguin®.

After optimization of treatment conditions in normal animals, Libiguin® will be further tested in some of Pelvipharm's established disease models where rats with eg diabetes or a cardiovascular disease will be used because it is known that erectile function is impaired in these disease states. Libiguin® will be tested in one or more of these models.

In parallel, Dicot and Pelvipharm continue the work of investigating Libiguins® mechanism of action with a number of ongoing and planned trials. Each individual trial provides additional knowledge to continue the mapping of how Libiguin® exerts its effect on erection.

For further information, please contact:

Göran Beijer, CEO

Tel: +46 70-663 60 09

Email: goran.beijer@dicot.se

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Dicot is a pharmaceutical company focused on drug discovery and the development of novel lifestyle drugs to enrich patients' lives. The Company develops and manufactures medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The company's lead drug candidate, Libiguin®, for the treatment of sexual dysfunctions, is in a stage of pre-clinical development. Dicot is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market and has approximately 1,600 shareholders. For more information see www.dicot.se.


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